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* Music is Composed Completely on Computer with Music Software *

***** Song List *****

--- The Sonora Desert Collection ---

"Sonora" (A little of the Rattlesnake)
"Scorched Land" (Song of the Hot Desert)
"Deserado" (Spaghetti western type music)
"Saguaro" (Sounds something like Kitaro)
"Zuni" (A New Mexico Indian Tribe)
"Sonora Storm"Updated 10/31/2000 (Distant Thunder on the Desert.)
"Passage" (A passage from life to a better place)
"Farrago" (Funky mixed up organ and trumpet)
"Distant Smoke" (In an upbeat Indian style)
"Sabrina" (A lively and mysterious song)
< "Majombi" (A jungle type song with a Latin sound)

"Arabella" (Lots of Bells and Sax * With out a doubt! - The wildest song I have ever done *)
"We'll Always Be Together Forever" (Honky Tonk Piano Sax.)
"Sonority" (One of my older songs released for the first time)
"Talano" (Italian style music in memory of my Italian Grandparents)
"Years Apart" (with a Dwayne Eddie sound)
"Our Love" (A soft love song)
"Charming" (with Multiple Guitars)
"Feelings of Love" (Sax solo by Kenny my MS-Mouse)
"Melina" (New version of one of my old songs)
"Love walk" (Sax and guitar)
"A Summer Breeze" (Harmonica and piano)
"Amanda" (A Lullaby for Amanda)
"Sleepless" (One night when I couldn't sleep)
"Auriga the Constellation" (over 10 minutes long)
"Space Rap" (Space with rhythm)
"Funk Jam" (Just jamming)
"In Closing" (In Memory of Aydin Raytor Division)
"As time Goes On" (Clock and distorted guitar)
"I Had a Dream" (Piano with Oboe on the classical side)
"He's Brown" (Blues for My Pisan - Brother Caliph)
"GVX" (Done completely on guitar with a GVox.)

"Love Lost" (My personal favorite.)

"My Fantasy" (All Guitar)

"Rock Me In Your Arms" (An Upbeat Country type Song)

"Whisper In The Rain" (Grand Piano and Guitar)

"Spring Blossom" (Lively like Springtime)

"Love Is Forever" (Pleasant Piano and Sax Duet)

"One-Way" (Western style song with Distortion Guitar)

"Bye For Now, Leona" (Composed in memory of my Mother-in Law)

"Surreal" (Manifested in Dreams)

"Good Old Days" (Cocktail Piano music)

"Duster" (An all new 50's style song something like "Wild Weekend"

"Dedicate" (with enough power to drive your subwoofer)

"Far From Her" (With a soft and haunting sound)

This one is in memory of my Mother who passed away 12-10-03 at the age of 85.
"Dreams of Frances" (A soft relaxing guitar song.)

"Essence of Time" (With 3-Dimensional Harmonics)
(You may imagine and hear sounds that aren't there)

"Musical Wastland" ( A New Age song with complex harmonies)

"Five Live" (Piano - Played with just 5 fingers)
(2 on the left hand and 3 on the right hand)

"Emotions" (With changing rhythm and emotions)
"Horizon" (Piano- somewhat on the classical side)
"Michael" (with an upbeat Caribbean sound)
"Mucho Dinero" (In an upbeat Mexican style)

*** A few of my older Midi songs ***

"My Old Friend" (for Marty Storriali)
"If Heaven" Guitar Song
"Brenda" New Version (Done for my wife Brenda)

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