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My Other Hobbies
Fishing and Flytying

Barbless Double Salmon Fly
(Picture Manipulated in Photoshop)

Pictures of a few of my flies and shad fishing on the Delaware River

My fly display from 20 years ago
Salmon Fly
Salmon Fly
Salmon Fly
Salmon Fly
Salmon Fly
Box of Salmon Flies
Trout Fly
Trout Fly
Fanwing Royal Coachman
My Tying Bench
Junglecock Cape
Box of Trout Flies and dressed gold shad hooks
5lb. Shad from the Delaware
Herring and Shad Catch
20" Bass I just caught on the Delaware this year after the Shad run slowed down.
My youngest Son Michael Shad fishing on the Delaware
Me Shad fishing
The Delaware River Going Home

Try pickling Shad just like Herring
Steak and soak in salt brine for 3 days at room temperature then pickle refregerated for 3 days.

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Fishing trips, Flies, Rods and other equipment
Jim Finn (Proprietor an Orvis Dealer)