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It should be called my Fender Page

Note - I have not posted any new songs in the past few year. This is not because I stoped playing, but because I feel I have done just about all the oldies I like and have music for. I may occasionally upload a few new songs to my 70's and on page from time to time, but spend most of my time just playing along with my MIDI's and other MP3's for my own enjoyment. I also don't often answer emails because of all the junk mail I receive, but if you put (about your music) in the subject line I may answer in a week or two.

I like everything from 50's and 60's oldies to rock, blues, newage and some classical music. Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton and Brian Setzer are my favorite musicians. The Mighty Sparrow and Merle Haggard are my fovorite singers. I played guitar in a band called the countdowns in the late fifties to 1965. I started in computers around 1985 with a 2k computer connected to a B/W TV. This was before real graphics, let alone sound. Twelve years ago I started in computer music by modifing MOD and CMF music files to my liking and later found there were programs where I could compose my own music. I got myself a Kawai Midi keyboard that I could hardly play and worked day and night until I composed some music using an old version of Midisoft Studio. Later I learned to compose with computer programs like cakewalk using my knowledge of guitar cords and notation. I did some of this music years before I decided to start a website. So some of this music is an accumulation of work I have done over 12 years ago. I have done most of the melody an solos with the virtual piano in Cakewalk 4 through 7 in my older sequences, but in the newer sequences I use an old Peavey Patriot guitar with the strings adjusted to the MIDI pickup I have installed on it. I found this gives me greater accuracy and quicker response. I input most of the solos, even Sax with the guitar and on screen notation. I then edit each track until it sounds the way I want. I now have over 50 songs on my originals pages. I have a separate page with over 200 of my favorite oldies and standards. I have sequenced some completely from memory. Some are done partly from sheet music with the melody and harmony added from memory. I also have a 70's and on page and a new MP3 and Real Audio page with some 40 year old sound clips of the Countdowns. These clips were salvaged from the original old dried out real to real tapes of the Countdowns performing live at an after hours club. I have just added a few real time clips of recordings of me playing and singing....... Listen at your own risk.

The songs on the site represent years of work and are only a small part of the music I have done. They have been done mostly by trial and error methods using various software programs from simple algorithm programs in the early days, to Midisoft Studio, Powertracks, BBW and Cakewalk. I use these programs to paint an overall musical picture in the same way someone would use a drawing or art program. Almost all of the songs were finalized and edited in Cakewalk where tracks were added and notation adjusted by sound one track at a time, even one note at a time. How do I find the time? Well, this is about all I can do now that I am disabled. I have hours of music here for your entertainment and listening pleasure, which is the main purpose of this web site.

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I use "Ersatz" sounds to bring out harmonics that normaly would not be heard. The best example I can give of what I am talking about is in "Scorched Land" Mid. Listen closely to the sounds in the background. In this song I make use of Ersatz sounds to a high degree. -(You can almost feel the heat!) In some songs I use multiple melodies and several complex harmonies on different tracks all at one time, with slightly different timing to achieve the sound I want. I also blend unusual instruments to achieve new and strange sounding instruments without the use of special patches. I do this on the drum tracks as well as instrument tracks.
One of my original compositions "Five Live" Mid is an an example of this harmonic and timing use.

For Sax and Trumpet I edited notes one at a time for volicity and timing to put some feeling in these instruments.

I can think of a melody and play whatever I want on my new musical instrument the computer. If I get it wrong I just delete or move the notes on screen and arrange the music the way I like it. I had some 8 years of real on the job playing experience composing and arranging for my band the Countdowns and playing up to as many as 6 to 8 gigs a week in the late 50's and early 60's. We played in the Philadelphia, Pa. and South N.J. area.of the U.S.A.
In the old days I had to transpose the sax music by hand. Today I just click with the mouse and the melody is transpsed. Isn't it great ! I just hope you enjoy this music as much as I do creating it.

Updated 7/19/2013


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