Sitemap Hello, my name is Timothy nickname GoTimothy. Anointed "(Messiah)" of God, a Timothean.
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 Anyone Can See God, The Gospel of Timothy, I Saw Jesus & He Had Flesh by Timothy Allen Campbell

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This video about the true birth of Christ was deleted from YouTube by WHO & UN because of a comment about Covid. But they refuse to say what I said that was wrong, so I deleted all my YouTube videos and will not be using that platform, Facebook or Twitter. I might as well add Spotify to the list. Any social media that is against free speech is a traitor to the Constitution of the United States and infringes on the God-given rights of the people. Anyone who stays on those social media platforms is contributing to the beast. I'm looking for others to help me file a class-action lawsuit against them. Leave a message on my voicemail at 1-248-906-4634, if you want to support free speech. Or send a donation to go to @GoTimothy8 on CashApp. They are creating a one-world religion based on the Beast & the False Prophet Mohammad. Read Revelation 19:20 to find out what happens to those who are deceived by the beast. If I were to tell you what it said they would delete this video for threats against them. The_True_Birth_of_Christ_Proverbs_8_2022-01-24-01-01 The devil knows he has a short time.

Those who support the Second Amendment, are traitors to the Constitution, Nov 27, 2021.

Killing in selfdefense & Rittenhouse = Coward.

Rittenhouse not guilty, because guns made the laws.

If Rittenhouse is justifiable, then nuclear war is, 2021-11-23-22-00.

Trump seen with Rittenhouse, proves he is the antichrist.

Order on Amazon Kindle. To get a personalized pdf version, fill out the order form with donation. My other Book & writings by Timothy.

If you were redirected to Angelfire, from or the it means my server is down or I'm off the Internet. Timothean Religion is only going to be by mail order or meeting in groups, as people with itchy ears, from fake religions, are listening in. To join the Timothean religion write, Gospel of Timothy, 15719 Sabre, Box 5, Fraser MI 48026. I will not be updating the website, new information is only given to members of the Timothean Religion. There's only one God and one Messiah. God told Joseph Smith not to join any of the religions as they are run by devils. But if they don't believe Joseph Smith, they're not going to believe me.

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Thank you, Timothy

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