Sitemap Hello, my name is Tim or GoTimothy. I live in Warren MI as "Messiah" of God, a Timothean.
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How to Stop Covid19: Dead in its Tracks by Timothy Allen Campbell

Order my books on Amazon Kindle. They allow you to read the first part of the books for free and comment on the books. If you don't buy a book, click on the link anyway and follow me on Amazon. It will help me out a lot. I hope to be uploading more books on Amazon. But I only get 35% on Amazon. If you order a personalized PDF version from me, I get the whole price, but there's more work for me. Unfortunately, I can't lower the price or Amazon will lower their price. Due to the coronavirus, I will not be using the post office to receive or send mail, books, or T-shirts. To get the pdf version e-mailed from me send donation to Paypal or Cash App to $GoTimothy8. The PDF books will be personalized with your name. Fill out the order form to send me an email and let me know which book you want. Other Books by Timothy.

My book, "How to Stop Covid-19: Dead in its Tracks", was Banned but Elon Musk made them put it back up. Covid-19 doesn't exist in China anymore. This is a capitalist disease that is running rampant in capitalist countries. Because they don't want to do a full Shut down to stop it. Partial shutdowns only spread the disease. By giving restaurant and bar workers time off work, to go out to the country and to the hardware store to fix up their homes, they spread the disease more than if they were working.

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