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John was sent from God, to prepare the path for the son of God. Jesus said John was the greatest of all people on earth. Even the Jewish priest thought John was the Christ. John had to tell them plainly that he wasn't the Christ. When they asked John who he was, he said he was one who cried in the wilderness. I don't think he was from mortals. The Book of John has more Authority than the other gospels, written by mortal men. He may have been an angel.

In the Book of John, Jesus never claimed to be the Christ nor God. He said he was the son of God, John 10:23-38. The son of God seems to be a character not mentioned in Old Testament.

Gospel of John States, that in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. This defined God in the Timothean religion. This is who existed before the creation. He is eternal. He existed before time and space. He existed before the world began and he will exist after the world ends. By the word, the spirit came into existence. By the word of God, the Son of God was begotten. Some belief this to be a trinity of God. The Father was in need of nothing. With 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, the Son called the world into existence. The world was created by the Son and for the Son and all authority was given to him, of who lives and who dies. The Father and son were as one.

Although none of us is intelligent enough to explain God, we do our best to try. Jesus is God made visible by the power of the Fatherís word. God spoke a word and the word became visible flesh. God became visible so that God could be seen and known. When Jesus speaks, it is the word of God. Jesus is the tabernacle of God. A more perfect tabernacle that was not made with human hands. This is the will of the Father, that everyone who sees the Son and believes he is the Son (word) of God, shall be saved and Jesus will raise him up at the last day. Jesus said he was not sent but to the lost sheep of Israel. Jacob was renamed Israel when he saw the Incarnation of God. The name Israel means the man that sees God. Jacob taught his children that God can become visible. Everyone who accepts this truth seeks to see Jesus and shall be saved when they do. Those who heard of God the Father, seek to see the visible incarnate son. Many have sought but not found, Jesus does not appear to faithless sinners. When people see Jesus, they believe they are seeing God. Jesus said he appeared to Moses and he existed before Abraham. At that time they probably didn't call him Jesus.

The false Church of Babylon teaches that no man can see God, Jesus, Hashem, Allah, Etc Isaiah 47:10. Jesus is seen by faith. Faith comes by hearing the testimony of the witnesses who saw Jesus. What all these religions have in common, is they believe in the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Abraham Isaac and Jacob and even Moses saw the Son of God. What they all also agree on, is the fall of Adam and their inability to get right with God. All these religions Point their finger at each other and call each other the devil. This is the cause of evil. Jesus said that you are to love everyone, even your enemies, otherwise, you have no reward. The Ten Commandments explain what love is, for those not intelligent enough to know.

The New World order religion is the Timothean religion. Christianity rejected the truth, demoted Jesus to a Messiah, a mere mortal man, and killed God's prophets. Judaism rejected Jesus altogether and killed God's Son. And Islam killed God's prophets, demoted Jesus to a messenger, and rejected his message. The blood of the prophets is on them, don't let it be on you.

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