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Timothean’s Believe, June 27, 2015.

When you’re in Rome you do as the Romans or you’ll be killed. Should I be on the computer trying to save the world or should I seek Jesus until I see him again and be raptured to heaven alive leaving 7 billion people to die in their sins? I think we should seek Jesus until we see him and be raptured to tell you the truth. I saw Jesus in 1985 but I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t ask him what I had to do to achieve immortality, as he said in the Bible, that those who believe in him never die. I like a quote from a Russian book about the true Jew, “the Jew is a wanderer who never dies.”

We are truth seekers and we seek the truth until we or our children become immortal. We don’t pass down the beliefs that killed our grandparents. Jesus said our grandparents died because they were sinners who rejected the truth. Jesus said the last enemy to be destroyed is death, not necessarily fellow humans. Religious lies bring about death. I think we are being killed by jobs. Our jobs are killing us in a new study, jobs kill 2 million Americans a year.

We believe Christianity keeps people from finding the true Jesus. Jesus said many will come in my name saying I am Christ, we believe these are the Christians or Christ I am’s. They convince people Christ is dead on a cross hanging in their church. Jesus said the devil teaches in the Temple and has been for 5000 years. The Antichrist is not coming, he’s been here. Jesus told Joseph Smith the devil teaches in the church so he started his own religion but then the Christians killed Joseph Smith and took over his religion. Timotheans will never be Christians.

That we are like homosexuals, who have to hide in the closet, to keep from being persecuted or killed. It’s not just that Christians are killing Muslims and Muslims killing Christians the religions of the world will kill anyone who is not their religion. Religion is not like a hamburger stand where McDonald’s and Burger King leave you alone and hope you succeed. Religion is like the big three automobile companies, who killed the electric car because it’s a threat to their oil profits and I mean profits like the bottom line, not holy men of God who tell the future. Jesus is the seed of God, born of the Virgin Mary, not the seed of Joseph. Therefore Jesus is not the Messiah. The Messiah has to be the seed of Joseph. You plant a mustard seed and a mustard plant grows. Plant a God seed and God grows. To get a Messiah you need to plant the seed of Joseph. Jesus could not have possibly been the Messiah because the Messiah was going to come at the end of the world and the world did not end 2000 years ago.

You shouldn’t be asking who is the Messiah? The Question you should be asking is what makes the Messiah, the Messiah?

My dad Joseph was born in 1914 before electricity or the automobile. He grew up on a farm on 7 miles and VanDyke. His family was self-sufficient. He watched his mother make butter and help my grandfather brew beer. They had horses for transportation. The 50s is the only year the Messiah could have been born and his father Joseph would’ve had been born at a time when people were self-sufficient. After the 60s the world really started going downhill. The King James Version of the Bible could have only been written in the 1600s in Shakespeare’s generation, it cannot be reproduced today. I don’t think Joseph or the Messiah can be reproduced in any other generation.

None of the 12 apostles believed Jesus was God. So the Messiah has to be someone who believes Jesus is God and happens to be the seed of Joseph and he couldn’t have been born more than 100 years before the end of the world. There’s no way the Messiah or Joseph, could have been here more than 200 years ago or the age would have ended already.

When Jesus came, he said he was God, but no one believed him. So he stopped cramming it down people’s throats, that he was God. He simply said, “who do you believe I am”? Some people believe Jesus was a prophet. Some people believe Jesus was Elijah. Some people believe Jesus was the Messiah but no one believed he was God. When one of the 12 apostles believed Jesus was like the seed of God, Jesus had to go with that, because that generation could not accept he was God. Later the Catholic Church believed Jesus was God, but they never removed the title Messiah from him. They tried to make him both God and the Messiah, even though everyone knew the Messiah was a man and no God.

Jesus looks like a man, talks like a man, and walks like a man, however, he is not a man. He made a man look like him. People look like God, God does not look like a man. When we see Jesus, we should not say, “you look like us” we should say, “we look like you”.

I’m going to claim to be the Messiah, but I’m not going to push it on anyone. There is a devil that tries to convince people that they are somebody they are not. A popular book was titled, “know thyself”. This is why the book of Darwin is so popular. They want to convince the amazing atheist that he is really amazing because he is a very smart monkey. The amazing atheist is so smart of an evolved monkey, that it’s almost a miracle proving the existence of God. So who are we or who am I is what I was going to ask a girl at the bar? There are a lot of stories about me of people saying who I am. Who do you say that I am? When I claim to be the Messiah, some people push me up a notch and claim that I’m God. They do that because they are the devil.

I saw God in California in 1985. There were a lot of miracles and crazy stuff happening in California at that time. On the news, a man walked into a funeral home in front of thrifty witnesses who raised someone from the dead. Within a few days, the government came like Project blue book and hushed everybody up. The news footage disappeared and news reporters were killed. One story says that the CIA paid $2 million to have me killed because I was telling people I saw God and it was a threat to the established religions. They couldn’t kill me and I started to be known around the world so for political reasons the CIA paid $6 million to have me protected. This is only a story I heard. Anyway, I would go to bars and I would hear people talking. This guy says that this hot-looking chick, “that guy is the most powerful man on earth” and the girl says, “how do you know? He says because I’m his bodyguard. The bodyguard is bragging to get laid no doubt the girl slept with him for bragging rights. So I met a different girl at a different time and overhear another guy say to another hot looking girl, “that guy over there is St. Timothy” the girl asked how do you know, I hear him say, “I’m a retired cop they’re paying me $45 an hour to protect him”. No doubt he got laid. But I realized these bodyguards they are hiring to protect me are endangering my life by bragging to people who I am. One guy says to a waitress, “you know who that is” and she says yeah I know and I don’t know who they thought I was but I’m kind of a skeptic to who I am anyway. But if you’re going to be the guy who introduces God to the people, then you’re going to have to be the Messiah. Because there’s no prophecy that says St. Timothy will teach people about God. There’s no prophecy that says the most powerful man on earth will teach people about God. Furthermore, if you think the Pope is going to teach you about God you’re going to be very disappointed. Because there have been many Popes and we haven’t learned anything new about God in 2000 years from all these Popes until I came. If the Pope’s teaching you anything new about God, he is stealing it from me.

There is no Pope there’s not even a Messiah. There is no spiritual authority but I have to claim to be the Messiah to teach it or no one will listen. Who wants to listen to somebody who is a nobody different from themselves? There’s a God and the rest of us are equal.

Prepare to See God, June 24, 2015.

Somebody had asked me if I want to do an interview and I accepted. I usually turn down interviews because people just want to attack me for my beliefs and experiences. But the condition of the world now really needs for me to speak up and not worry about what people think of me. My job is to prepare people to see God and in this interview, we got sidetracked with Darwin and I had to talk for an hour about why Darwin was wrong and I shouldn’t even of wasted my time with that. Because we can argue for years about Darwin and it’s not even important. I think the most important argument against Darwin is when Columbus evolved from monkeys, which monkeys did American Indians evolved from? I mean there are so many different islands with humans on them before there was long-distance transportation it doesn’t explain how Indians got in America and aborigines in Australia, people in Japan, people in Indonesia, etc. and if Darwin was right we are different species rather than races and if we are different species that make cannibalism okay. Right because we chicken, pork and beef because they’re not our species. So I don’t even want to argue about it because the moment I win my argument cannibalism will be mainstream. Like us and we can argue about it for months but I want to get back to prepare and people to see God.

So the guy interviewing me says, “okay I’m prepared to see God, have Jesus give me a call”. Well, that’s not preparing to see God. You have to know what the 10 Commandments are. You have to know what God’s laws are. And nobody’s prepared to see God, because nobody knows what God’s laws are. Even the atheists might claim they’ve seen the 10 Commandments movie and they know what God’s laws are. They don’t lie, they don’t steal, they’ve never killed anyone, they don’t love God but they love their fellow man, it’s just about the same thing, they don’t know if they honor the Sabbath but they don’t work Saturday or Sunday so they feel they are serving God and they know what God’s laws. So they think they’re prepared to see God.

Well, you don’t know what the 10 Commandments are, because you don’t even know what the word love is. So you can’t love God or your neighbor if you don’t know what the word love is. And I know people don’t know what the word love is because I’ve asked hundreds of couples and when you ask them, they argue back and forth and then end up breaking up. So let’s move on to another commandment. So before you can love God or your fellow man you first need to know what the word love means I made about three videos on love alone and I can probably make about 10 more so let’s move on.

You cannot be obeying the commandment, “do not kill” because you have no clue what those words mean. I didn’t even have a clue as to what the words meant until after I made my last video. I never killed anyone, so I thought I was obeying the commandment. God just revealed to me the meaning of the words, “do not kill” this week. So are you obeying the commandment, “do not kill”.

If you believe in capital punishment, you are not obeying the law, “do not kill”. Because your belief system is supporting capital punishment. The reason why people protest at prisons when someone is about to be put to death is that they believe you should not kill, not because they believe the person is innocent.

If you support a woman’s right to abortion, even if you didn’t have an abortion, you are not obeying the commandment, “do not kill”. Because your belief system is making abortion legal.

If you believe in war, are a soldier, or are a warmonger, you are not obeying the commandment, “do not kill”. You might say that you don’t believe in war and that you’re a pacifist and if there was a war you would go to Canada, but if you’re not at the antiwar protest or supporting them somehow, it really means you don’t believe in the commandment, “do not kill”.

If you are a gun-carrying policeman, you’re not obeying the commandment, “do not kill”. If you believe in gun rights or gun ownership, you’re not obeying the commandment, “do not kill”. If you believe in the right to kill in self-defense, you’re not obeying the commandment, “do not kill”.

And of course, if you are an atheist lawyer who says, “if there’s no evidence I killed someone and I don’t confess to murdering, then I didn’t kill anyone,” like a lot of the Mafia hitmen say even though they did kill someone. There are people who actually believe if there is no evidence, you didn’t do it, even though you did it.

If you support someone else’s belief in killing, it’s just as bad as killing and you are not obeying the commandment, “do not kill”. If you’re working at a factory that makes guns or war machines it’s not much different than being the soldier that does the actual killing. Let’s move on to the next commandment.

Obey the Sabbath. People are not working Saturday or Sunday because they want to make sure they obey the Sabbath. But you can’t be obeying the Sabbath because you don’t even know what the word day means let alone what is the seventh day or Sabbath day. In six days God created the universe and this is why atheists don’t believe in God because the universe is a little bit older than six days. First, you have to figure out what a day is to God. If it took him six days to create the universe then a day is not 24 hours because the earth wasn’t even created yet. So there are other kinds of days. There is the celestial day. The celestial day is 26,000 years. So does it mean God created the universe and six celestial days? Well no because the universe wasn’t really created yet. So we really don’t know what a day is to God. We know that it must mean a period of time, but how long? We can do the math and take a guess that if the universe is 6 billion years old then a day must be 1 billion years. If the universe is 12 billion years old then a day is about 2 billion years give or take a few hundred million years. It’s not really important because what is important is the Sabbath day.

The Sabbath day is when God finished all of his work. There is no eighth day. This is the Sabbath. It’s been the Sabbath since the day Adam and Eve were created because Adam and Eve was the last thing God created. There weren’t any animals or dinosaurs created after Adam and Eve. This is the eternal Sabbath that will last until the end of the world. This is Earth’s natural ecosystem. Nothing needed to be created or invented after Adam and Eve and the ecosystem. So you could say the end of the world would be the eighth day. The gospel Jesus preached was, “repent of the works of your hands because the kingdom of God is at hand”. Jesus came to set men free from slavery. Food grows on trees. You have a job you’re not free, jobs are slavery. You can achieve nothing by working except destroying the gifts of God. Destroying the earth. Destroying yourselves. Satan destroys himself by working. And everyone seems to be a slave from the soldier to the president of the United States. They offered me a job as the president of the United States and I turned it down because it slavery. The president of the United States is the worst job you can have when the system collapses because the people will realize that you’re the top slave master that enslaves them.

So these are three of the Commandments that people think they are obeying, but they’re not really obeying them and after somebody starts obeying them, I can give you further instruction on how to prepare to see God.

I’ll give you a quick rundown. When you see God you’re not going to be the same. It’s not going to be “I did an interview with the Messiah and he prepared me to see God and Jesus gave me a call and it was pretty cool but, now I’m going to go to a football game because I’m really bored”.

There are many books written about what happens to you after you see God. Some say you’re born again as a new person and the only thing you’re going to think about afterward is God. I was a bit of a skeptic myself when the Mafia guys I talked to on the Internet who claimed they had secret Vatican books said, “when you see God, you become God”. Because that’s what their secret books said.

I can’t really say what’s going to happen to you after you see God, but I can guess that he will fill you with the Holy Spirit and you will receive gifts of the spirit. You might become enlightened or given the gift of prophecy, you might get the gift of power like Moses, where the winds of the earth, the waters of the earth obey your voice. Where you can curse the earth with all plagues as Moses did.

Most of this is just to show you that just because there is a God or even if you are God, doesn’t mean you can create a perfect world. God is not a magician. God is more like a powerful president. He can declare war do all kinds of powerful things but he can’t save a little girl from being molested by a pedophile in Texas. Now you can drop a bomb on Texas if they don’t prosecute the pedophile or do what he pleases just like God can bring floods to Texas if he doesn’t like the concealed carry law they passed.

There is a lady in Michigan who murdered two of her children and stuck them in the freezer. Many people believe God should have struck her dead with lightning before that happened. What people don’t realize is this lady is a victim of her environment. This is not to say she’s should be set free but the projects she lives in, the way blacks are treated, the way her husband left her to raise two kids on her own, the way the neighborhood, church, and state were unable or unwilling to help her is partial to blame for her actions. In fact, it’s more of a wake-up call to say we need to do more for these women who live in the projects, who are oppressed because they’re black and are left alone to raise children. The same with the sledgehammer murderer. He was a product of his environment and when we saw him on Dr. Phil we wondered why somebody did not help his family five or 10 years beforehand. So it wasn’t about God striking the sledgehammer murderer dead from lightning, it’s more about bringing a curse to the city that didn’t have a neighborhood, church, or government to help them.

Many are trying to claim the Texas floods are because of legalized abortion. I don’t believe that but we have many plagues upon us because we are not doing God’s will. I believe the Texas floods happen the day after they pass the open carry law which is not a coincidence. I don’t believe the drought in California is a coincidence. California is making all these propaganda videos for the government to deceive people and they’re also making all these porno videos to corrupt society. How can they expect any kind of decent God to bring them blessings of rain?

Close down the porn industry in California and just maybe God might bring some rain.

I don’t want to make this video too long and I have a lot more to say so stay tuned.


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