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What We Believe

Evils exist, because God cannot be everywhere simultaneously. We believe that Satan is a group of people going against Gods will and that the Antichrist is a deceiving spirit. We do not believe in a super natural Devil. They cause evil by the false belief, that God is supposed to heal injuries. Therefore, the disabled are forced to do evil to cope with pain.

We do not take the Bible literally. If we did, we have to obey Exodus 22:18 and kill witches. We believe, if one read the Bible repeatedly, one will read things that are just not there. We believe that God inspires other books, just like the Bible.

Timothean's are not Christians. We believe it is blasphemy to claim that they can kill Christ, Surah 4, 157. We also believe it is blasphemy to make it Gods job to heal the injured. They have connected the Christian name with wars and the killing of Gods prophets. The roots of the word "Christian" are "Christ-I-am" and anyone connected with this name is claiming to be Christ. Those claiming to be Christ, is Antichrist. These blasphemies are the reason why Christians have not seen God. All religions are different faiths in the one God and we reserve our right to join a better religion, when we find one. People fall into two groups, those diligently seeking to see God and those who are not. God is a separate being from ourselves. To claim that God lives inside would make us god. We believe God made man in his own image and therefore cannot be invisible.

We do not believe Christ is the messiah, we believe he is God. Messiah means anointed by God. When one sees God, He anoints them. When we see God, we become a Kingdom of Kings and Priest, Revelation 1:6, 5:10. Christ is the son of God, messiah is the son of Joseph from the line of David, Matthew 22:41 to 46.

We believe the one God has no name, but man has given the one God many names. We believe that the purpose of life is to see God, Surah 92:7 to 21. Timothean's do not argue, they only seek to see God. We proclaim our faith by teaching that God has the power to become visible and that all will see Him.

We believe that original sin cut us off from the presence of God. Unless we return to God, we cannot have immortality. We do not automatically get into heaven when we die. Those who are not worthy to get to heaven while alive cannot get in when they are dead.

Timotheans do not entangle themselves in the affairs of Government. They recognize a separation from church and State. However, they are not forbidden to write to politicians. The Timothean Government is the Timocracy.

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