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The "What's New!" items were badly cluttering up the main index page.

I'd thought I'd take all but the most recent notices about changes to this web site and move them here, to provide a form of historical log  (running oldest to new) for the web site.


February 22nd, 1999:

The (unofficial) "I Love A Mystery" web site is officially open for business!

March 18th 1999:

Chapter 4 of my ILAM pastiche, The Ghost With Nine Fingers is now available for you to enjoy!

To find out who shot Nasha in this sequel to both BURY YOUR DEAD ARIZONA and TEMPLE OF VAMPIRES, you can access it via the Home Brew link. Please tell me if you want to read more!

April 2nd,1999

I've added some more images to the ILAM Photo Gallery; there's also my review and synopsis of the Made-For-TV Pilot for "I Love A Mystery."

April 10th,1999

I've added another short essay on the ages and backgrounds of Jack, Doc and Reggie in the "Rambling's Page". I've also included Jim Farst's synopsis of his recently unearthed ILAM fragment, Episode 13 of THE SNAKE WITH THE DIAMOND EYES. Look for it on the "Fragment's Page", and thanks for letting me reprint this, Jim!

April 27th 1999

I've since completed the second part of the ILAM log, incorporating the broadcasts dates and my comments on the MBS run of the show. Also, thanks to one of the site visitors (Keith Lee, take a bow!), I now have a new image in the ILAM photo gallery you might want to check out. Finally, Jim Farst also submitted an image of Mr. Morse in his later years, which is also in the gallery.

April 28th 1999

The 500th visitor to this ILAM web site arrived today!

May 22nd, 1999

I've been away from the web site for a little while, what with my new rotation in Cardiology, as well as a recent trip to Washington DC. At the Library of Congress, I found some further ILAM materials! Please follow the "ILAM at the Library of Congress" link for an essay on what I turned up!

Also new, is a new link to an FTP site, where MP3 versions of several ILAM stories are found, along with a couple of ILAM fragments and even complete ILA stories. Check it out (via the "Other ILAM Web Pages Link"), if you can afford the downloading time and space!

May 25th, 1999

The first weeks' worth of synopsized episodes of the "lost" ILAM story of THE GRAVES OF WHAMPERJAW, TEXAS is now available for your reading. While at the Library of Congress, I read and took notes (including direct quotes) on this story, and the results of this will be serialized over the next few weeks. Follow the link from the "ILAM at the Library of Congress" page to read the first five episodes of this spooky story!

June 11th, 1999

The *second* weeks' worth of episodes, #6 through to #11 of the wonderfully eerie "lost" ILAM story, THE GRAVES OF WHAMPERJAW, TEXAS is now available for your reading pleasure; follow the new "Synopses" link! The third week is also completed, but I still have to convert it to HTML format.

June 15th, 1999

The *third* and final weeks' worth of episodes, #11 through to #15 of THE GRAVES OF WHAMPERJAW, TEXASis now available for your reading pleasure! To find out the secret identity of the mysterious murderer who digs the graves of his victims first, and scribbles verse on their tombstonesforetelling the murder, read on to the final chapter, #15!

Also, the 1000th visitor to the site arrived today!

June 17th, 1999

Having completed the synopsis for all 15 episodes of the "lost" ILAM THE GRAVES OF WHAMPERJAW, TEXAS, I've started working on one of the other stories, notes which I scribbled into a $1.50 spiral bound notebook when I did my research at the Library of Congress at the end of May. As a teaser for the next story, I've provided via the "Synopses of Lost Shows" link the first episode synopsis of the "lost" ILAM MURDER HOLLYWOOD STYLE.

I hope you enjoy reading it!

I've also cleaned up some errors in my ILAM Log (thanks to Jim Widner, for pointing these out), and I've added some further facts andrumors on my "Raiders of the Lost ILAMS" page, thanks to Ken Greenwald.

Finally, for all you whom I owe a reply to, many apologies. Work has become very busy here in the Cardiology unit, and ironically, I get most of my work done on the web-site when I am on call in the Coronary Care Unit (in between such acute coronary syndromes as MI's and tachyarrhythmias!) where I can'talways reply appropriately to my E-mail. Many apologies for those I owe letters or packages to; I don't mind a gentle reminder if I've been deficient!

July 3rd, 1999

I've started a new rotation, being one of the Senior Medical Residents at University Hospital (here in London, Ontario). Because of this, previous work I had started on MURDER HOLLYWOOD STYLE is stuck on the CCU's computer at a different hospital, a little difficult for me to access right now! To make up for that, I've created a synopsis for the first episode of another "lost" ILAM for you to enjoy, one from YOU CAN'T PIN A MURDER ON NEVADA. I hope you'll enjoy it; you'll find it in the same area as the others.

July 16th, 1999

With my new duties as the Senior Medicine Resident at very busy Clinical Teaching Unit here in London, I've found my spare time to work on the web-page to be very short. However, I have managed to create a synopsis of the first five episodes, or one week's worth, of the lost ILAM story, YOU CAN'T PIN A MURDER ON NEVADA. The next two weeks worth of episodes, #5-#15 will follow some time over the next month.

July 24th, 1999

The second week's worth of episodes of the "lost" ILAM, YOU CAN'T PIN A MURDER ON NEVADA is now available for your reading pleasure. Simply follow the link "Synopses of lost Shows." I'm working on the final week's worth of synopses right now, and it should be available for reading in about a week's time. Tell me what you think of it!

July 27th, 1999

The story synopsis for the lost ILAM YOU CAN'T PIN A MURDER ON NEVADA is now complete! The final weeks worth of synopsized episodes for this story of a western mob war, grisly murder and a devilish mystery for Jack Packard to solve is now available for your reading pleasure. As usual, simply follow the link of "Synopses of Lost Shows"!

Also, as an additional treat, my friend Jim Farst has provided us with some more ILAM images. On the "Photo Gallery" page, there are scans of two more lobby cards from the eponymous movie. And on the "Introduction" page, I have a very nice image of the cast from the second run of the show (Russel Thorson, who plays Jack Packard, is lighting a cigarette for Jim Boles, who plays Doc Long; Tony Randall, who played Reggie York, is seen looking on)! Give them all a gander, and thanks again, Jim, for your contribution!

August 9th, 1999

Another surprise for your reading pleasure. I've finished the synopsis for the first week (or a big two episodes in total) of the final ILAM story, FIND ELSA HOLBERG, DEAD OR ALIVE. Because of a lack of time during my research at the Library of Congress, I unfortunately took very few notes (and even few direct quotes, alas) from this story, one that reads much more like an extended version of one of Morse's later "I Love Adventure" stories.

 Still, in the synopsized final chapters of this story I *do* provide some extended direct quotes, including some that provide the mostrisqué remarks ever from Mary Kay Brown (the A-One's red-headed and final secretary), and some quotes which provide some of the most revealing insights into Jack Packard's character. Keep visiting this web site for my synopses for the next 10 episodes, which will appear over the next few weeks.

August 10th, 1999

Another surprise for all of you! I have the second week's worth of episodes, this week *5* chapters in total, of the *very last* ILAM story, FIND ELSA HOLBERG, DEAD OR ALIVE now available for your reading pleasure. Just follow the usual links to read it, and again, tell me what you think!

August 26th, 1999

Hi there! I was away last week for what was supposed to be a vacation week, but it turned out into interview week, for I'm applying for a Fellowship position in Geriatric Medicine. When I got back (after driving to Hamilton, then Toronto, then Ottawa, then back to London, blech!), I was astonished to find that the 2000th visitor had come to the site!

I also found in my mailbox a very nice gift from a visitor to this site. Gary Holman, who has several of the ILAM record albums made by RADIOLA andMARK 56 Records make photocopies of the front and back of these items, and they are very interesting indeed. I'm trying to find a way to scan these in, but in the meanwhile, thanks Gary!

Finally, I'm still very busy filling out Clinical Fellowship application forms, forms for my Royal College exams, a couple of lectures, a manuscript that needs to be worked on, etc., but as a break for myself, and as a treat for all of you, I've finished the first four episodes of MURDER HOLLYWOOD STYLE. Fear not: I'll soon be getting back to finishing the last week's worth of episodes for FIND ELSA HOLBERG, DEAD OR ALIVE.

September 2nd, 1999

I have *finally* finished my synopsis of the third and final week's worth of episodes of the *very last* ILAM serial, FIND ELSA HOLBERG, DEAD OR ALIVE. Again, just follow the usual links to read it!

September 5th, 1999

With the completion of episode #5, the entire first week's worth of MURDER HOLLYWOOD STYLE is now complete! Follow the usual links!

September 7th, 1999

A breakdown of four more episodes, (#6-#9) of the "lost" ILAM serial MURDER HOLLYWOOD STYLE is now available for your reading pleasure. Simply follow the "Synopses of Lost Shows" link from the main page to read them!

September 9th, 1999

Honest to my Grandma, but Week #2 of MURDER HOLLYWOOD STYLE is now complete!

With the inclusion of Episode #10, all the synopsized episodes for this week's worth of this ILAM story is available for your reading pleasure. Additionally, I've finished typing the breakdown for chapter's 11-15, too (but I still have to convert these to HTML). Stay tuned sometime next week, for the conclusion of this baffling and eerie story!

September 11th, 1999

At last! The final five episodes for the lost "I Love A Mystery" Story, MURDER HOLLYWOOD STYLE have now been completed! Simply follow the usual links to read it!

Additionally, I've made a few changes to the web-site, cleaning up the intro page, creating a new "About the Web-Master" page, and so forth. Please tell me what you think of the changes, or if you have suggestions for more.

I've also tracked down some copyright information about the series, which I'll be posting soon, perhaps as a new page. I'm also thinking about developing an ILAM FAQ to house on the site; what do you think should be included? I've also learned that there is an Internet vendor who is claiming to have a nearly complete version of BATTLE OF THE CENTURY (missing only two chapters!). Stay tuned to find out more!

Finally, I'd like to publicly thank Tom Fetters for pointing out some errors in the first two weeks worth ofHOLLYWOOD, providing me a very detailed description of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and the like which I've promptly corrected. Thanks, Tom!

September 13th, 1999

You'll notice some great new images on the web-site, thanks to a very kind visitor to this site (and ILAM fan, to boot!)! To check them out, visit the "main index" page (here!), the "ILAM Log" page, and my "ILAM Holding's" page to see them all!

September 15th, 1999

I have a new page set up, one dealing with US Copyright information about the series. Included is a list of ILAM (and other materials) registered and archived at the US CopyrightOffice, in Washington D.C. I was finally able to access the COHM database over the Internet, and have provided a listing of what they have there (essentially, every single ILAM episode!).

Also, I notice that when I used different computers, especially those with different screen sizes, some of the images lookkind-a crummy (at least to my eye). Are there any particularly bad images or pages, and if so, do you have any advice for how I can correct this? Finally, there's an image of a microphone and script on the "ILAM at the Library of Congress" page that I want to shrink in size to best fit the page; any advice on how do to this (I don't have any imaging programs of my own, alas).

September 30th, 1999

I've been unfortunately away from both the web-site and ILAM in general for the last few weeks. Keeping me busy were 1) two podium presentations I gave at the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada's annual meeting, held last weekend in Montreal Canada, and 2) pondering over offers for my ClinicalFellowship in Geriatric Medicine which will start July 1st 2000 in either Toronto or Hamilton, Ontario.

Because of this, I have very little new to offer you at this point on the ILAM web-page itself. I *am* tracking downrumors of a 1950's(!) ILAM television pilot, scanning some more images to place on the page, figuring out how to place some contemporary *Variety* reviews on the radio series onto the web-site, reading Jim Bannon's (who played Jack Packard in the ILAM Columbia B's) autobiography, and so forth. Another fan of the series is currently reading some of the archived scripts at Thousand Oaks Public Library, and is providing me some fascinating tid-bits which I'll share with you all shortly. Stay tuned, ILAM-ophiles andMORSE-holics!

October 8th, 1999

Well, a few new additions to the web-site! If you hit the new "ILAM at the Movies" link, you'll see a few new pages to follow. First of all, thanks to generous (and anonymous!) visitor to the site, I managed to get not only a copy of Jim Bannon's autobiography, but also a whack of new images which have allowed me to properly comment on the three Columbia B ILAM movies. Thank you very much!

Also, for those of you interested, I've finally accepted a position in Geriatric Medicine at McMaster University, to be held in Hamilton as of July 1st, 2000 (FYI, Hamilton is located half-way between Buffalo and Toronto, on the extreme West edge of Lake Ontario).

October 17th, 1999

Well, I should have been studying for my upcoming exams, but I've updated the web-site in several ways. Firstly, there's a new ILAM FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list, available on the links listing below. It's a beta-version now, but I'd thought I'd upload it now, and await some of your feedback for corrections, additions, and so on.

Secondly, I've cleaned up some of the over large image files on the "ILAM AT THE MOVIES" pages. There's also an image of myself (taken in New York City several years ago) for those of you wondering what I look like (look for this on the"ABOUT THE WEB-MASTER" link).

Finally, I've noticed that during the last few days, the 3000th visitor has arrived at the site! Not bad, considering I've only had this up and running since February (grin!). Thanks, everybody! And keep on writing!

October 22nd, 1999

Just a quick note to tell you that the version 0.91 of the Beta ILAM FAQ has just been uploaded. Also, there's a new page devoted to the creator of ILAM, Carlton E. Morse. Follow the links below to read these.

I've also learned by chance that the free web-host for this site, ANGELFIRE.COM, will be requiring all web pages to provide either banner or pop-up ads on their pages. Previously an elective option (which I elected not to do), I now have no choice in the matter. Does anyone have a preference as to whether pop-up's are preferable to banner ads? Which is the lesser of the two evils?

October 25th, 1999

A few minor changes and housekeeping duties to pass on to you.

I've taken a dead link off the "LINKS" page, the one to the MP3 ILAM files that was housed at another site. This link now requires a password (as several of you have let me know, thank you) which I don't have. If anyone knows of another site that has ILAM MP3's or RAs, please let me know so I can provide a link to it.

Secondly, I've made a few changes to version 0.92 of the FAQ. Finally, I have a little bit of a breather, since I just finished my MCCQE II exam (six hours of testing,blech) yesterday. The breather won't last, since I start my role as senior resident at Victoria Hospital SSC starting November 1st, with very green student MD's I have to break in.

December 5th, 1999

I've been away from the web-site for far too long, a combination of increasedwork responsibilities, as well as a well deserved vacation in Las Vegas with mywife (strangely, we don't gamble, drink or smoke to any extent), after which I had even MORE work to do on my return (sigh)!

I've a few new things to pass on.  Firstly, I've cleaned up the firstILAM synopsis I wrote, THE GRAVES OF WHAMPERJAW, TEXAS, to add some simple images, and to set out Mr. Morse's text apart from my own.

Secondly, I've added a new partial synopsis!  If you follow the usual SYNOPSISlink (see below), you'll find the first episode of the lost classic, THEBLUE PHANTOM MURDERS there for your reading pleasure.

Please tell me what you think of the new change in format.

January 4th, 2000

Happy 2000 everyone! The new year has finally arrived, even though it isn't quite a new millenniumyet (that's for next year).  And so far, no Y2K glitches to spoil abrand-spanking new century!

I'm also glad I survived the last few weeks.  The holiday season isn't avery kind one to a Senior Medical Resident, what with having to cover forabsentee colleagues, working all Christmas Eve until noon Christmas day, dealingwith Influenza A outbreaks in nursing home patients, and more.  To behonest, I've been dead dog tired, and only over the last few days have I started feeling more like myself. My next two months, being spent in Dermatology, willbe a much less hectic time.

Meanwhile, to my utter chagrin, I notice that it's been an entire month sinceI've last added any content to these pages. I've been slowly adding to the new partialsynopsis of the lost classic, THE BLUE PHANTOM MURDERS; episodes #1and #2 are now here for your reading pleasure. Simply follow the "Synopsesof Lost Shows" link below!

I've also cleaned up another older synopsis, You Can't Pin A Murder On Nevada, making it easier to read (andcleaning up some typo's).  Many thanks to Tom Fetters for his help in thisregard.

Finally, I also note that over 4000 persons have visited the web site since Icreated it last February.  If all goes well, perhaps we'll have a full 5000visitors for our first anniversary here together!

January 8th, 2000

I have a new High-Speed Internet access account, and I've been a little tardyin replying to all your recent E-messages to me (in particular, thosesurrounding the Don Sherwood "I Love A Mystery" comic art, which hasrecently appeared on E-Bay).  Many apologies all around.

I'm still slowly adding to the new partialsynopsis of the lost classic, THE BLUE PHANTOM MURDERS; episodes #1 to#3  are now here for your reading pleasure, and I'd like to thank TomFetters yet again, for helping with editing my material. Simply follow the "Synopses of Lost Shows" page as before!

I've also cleaned up yet another older synopsis, Murder Hollywood Style, making it easier to read (andcleaning up some typo's).  Also, a new version of the ILAMFAQ is now up, including new material (thanks to James Herman'sresearch at the Morse Collection, located at Thousand Oaks Public Library,in Thousand Oaks, California). I've also cleaned up the Miscellaneous Ramblings page, and have included ashort essay on the relationship ILAM had with the genesis of that classictelevision cartoon series, Scooby-Doo!

Finally, I've been revisiting my old home-brew ILAM radio-play pastiche ILUVVA MYSTERY THE GHOST WITH NINE FINGERS.After re-reading this, and making many minor (and several major!) revisions,I've started again to complete writing Episode 5 of this story, which is asequel to both BURY YOUR DEAD ARIZONA and TEMPLE OF VAMPIRES. I'm alsorethinking the title of this parallel series, and will perhaps change it to THREE LOVE A MYSTERY. If all goes well, perhaps I'll have five "new andimproved" episodes posted by the time of our first anniversary heretogether next month!

January 20th, 2000

Episodes #1-4 of THE BLUE PHANTOM MURDERS are now complete! Simply follow the "Synopsesof Lost Shows" page as before. I've also cleaned up four previous chapters of my old home-brew ILAM radio-play pastiche I LUVVA MYSTERY THE GHOST WITH NINE FINGERS, and have also added a fifth episode for yourenjoyment. I've also re-titled this parallel series as THREE LOVE A MYSTERY.

Let me know if you want to read any more of these.

February 2nd, 2000

Happy Groundhog Day!  Also, to mark the month of the 1st Anniversary of this ILAM web-site, the5000th visitor arrived today!

While I don't have a new synopsis episode to share today, I do have someinteresting news.   Tom Brown,Director of the newly established First Generation Radio Archives (http://www.radioarchives.org)/) has recently informed me (January 30th, 2000) that they have an uncirculated"lost" ILAM in their collection!  To find out more about this,follow the "Raiders of the Lost ILAMs"link below, and scroll down (and pay place close attention to the new imageat the top of the page!).

Secondly, I have a new essay on the MiscellaneousRumbling'spage, regarding the ILAM comic strip!  Simplyfollow the link to read this, and to examine a few examples of the originalcomic strip art based  on our favorite "blood and thunder" radioshow!

February 12th, 2000

I've picked up a new scanner, and with its help, I've made some changes andadditions to the web site.

Firstly, with the OCR option, I've scanned in materials sent in by a verygenerous visitor to the site.  If you check out the MiscellaneousRambling's link, you'll find three new essays.  One is acollection of contemporaneous reviews by radio critics about the series. The second is a recounting of how the Republican convention of 1940 wreckedhavoc on the final episode of the ILAM serial, THESNAKE WITH THE DIAMOND EYES.

The third essay on the Miscellaneous Rambling'slink is a transcription of an interview with Mr. Carlton E. Morse himself, circa1970!  That's not all!  I've changed the ILAM PhotoGallery into an area detailing the actors and actresses involvedwith both runs of "I Love A Mystery"! Not only do I have images, but brief biographical information I've collected.Check out The ILAM Cast below forfurther information!

February 15th, 2000

I have two very good pieces of news to share with you (and one bad piece).

Firstly, Tom Brown, Director of the First Generation Radio Archives (located at http://www.radioarchives.org/)has informed me that the ILAM ET that they have is for a FULL THIRTYMINUTE show, the entire final episode of EIGHT KINDS OF MURDER (and not the 15 minutes I had erroneously supposed). Additionally, I've listened to part of the digital re-mastering that Mr. Brownhas done, and the difference is striking.  I can hardly wait until it iscompleted!

Secondly, I have a brand new synopsis of a 15 episode "lost" ILAMshow for you all to enjoy, courtesy of a visitor to this site, Harold M.Hart! Mr. Hart visited the U.S. Library of Congress' Recorded SoundDepartment and took careful notes after reading Mr. Morse's script for THE GIRL IN THE GILDED CAGE.  On Valentine's Day he mailed this outto me, and with some made scrambling, I have converted them into HTML formattonight.

To read Mr. Hart's wonderful effort (and believe me, I *know* how hard a taskthis is!), simply follow the Synopses to Lost Showslink below, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. I'm sure you'll enjoyreading this as much as I have (and perhaps Harold's effort will inspire me tofinish the synopsis for BLUE PHANTOM!).

Finally, the bad news (sigh). I've been inundated for requests for copying ILAM recordings, video tapes andscripts, etc., for others over the last few months, and as much as I'd like to, I can'taccommodate the literally dozens of requests that have been made.  Frankly, I have no more free time to do this (and I'm already disappointing a dozen or so persons who asked me to do this for them since September and who are stillwaiting, sigh) not to mention the close to 50 or so others who have asked.

Right now, I'm terribly, terribly busy. My situation may change some time in the next 6 months, after I start myGeriatrics Fellowship, but what little free time I have left in the last fewmonths of my Internal Medicine postgraduate medical work is being eaten up with working on manuscriptsI'm submitting for publication, talks I'm doing, and my medical studies and exam preparation (for myRoyal College orals). What little free time I have, is spent with my wifeCaroline, and what's left over from her is spent fooling around on the computer updatingthis web site at irregular intervals whenever I'm at work evenings in the hospital, and whenever I have accessto my dial-up Internet account.

So please don't feel bad if I can't comply with all your requests right now(I can truly sympathise with the frustration at tracking down ILAM materials, Ireally can!).

I'll try to answer each and every Email I still get, but sometimes I'm weeksbehind on doing so (this evening I spent 45 minutes alone doing this, when Ishould be working on a talk on Common Skin Disorders in Older Persons), and forthis I do apologize (and if I don't reply within a month, send it again!). Again, things may change, and I may be able to help you track down alternativesources for such things as the ILAM videos or sources for recordings orscripts.  But for now, I'll only try to honor those requests made earlier,and place a halt on all future trading. I'll hope you'll all understand this newpolicy decision.

February 29th, 2000

Well, I have some very interesting news for all of you to leap about on thisLeap Day!

James Herman, who is a regular visitor to this site, has visited theMorse Collection at Thousand Oaks Public Library on several locations toread some of the ILAM scripts there.  Happily for us, during one mad 2 hourdash, he jotted down enough notes to make synopsis of yet another lost show!

The shortest ILAM of all, the five episode "TheCorpse in Compartment C, Car 76" is now available on the Synopsisof Lost Shows page for all you to read and enjoy.  Many thanksto James for all his hard work and effort.

Additionally, I've tracked down some more news about some of the"other" Jack Packard's from the Hollywood run of the show, JayNovello and John McIntire.  As soon as Angelfire allocates somemore space for our web-site (I'm nudging the 5 MB point now!), I'll add thisinformation to the web site. I've also finished the first week's worth of episodesfor THE BLUE PHANTOM MURDERS, all five episodes.  You can read these in theusual place!

March 14th, 2000

I'm delighted to present a new surprise on the web site, an interview withJim Harmon, author of THE GREAT RADIO HEROES,and ILAM fan #1!

Mr. Harmon was the very first ILAM fan to meet Mr. Morse back in 1960, and itis largely because of him that we have many of the circulating programs thatexist today.  His book (written the same year I was born!) was my firstintroduction to Jack, Doc and Reggie, long before I heard a single episode. Mr. Harmon was generous enough to let me interview him surrounding hisrelationship with this ILAM, and Carlton E. Morse himself. Head over the to the Miscellaneous Ramblings pagebelow, and follow the directions you find to read this brand new interview!

April 19th, 2000

This has been a long delay in updating the web-site, and it really isn't muchof an update (other than the FAQ), as it is justthis page.  Part of the reason has been my busy rotation in Infectious Disease, and another reason has been planning an upcoming trip to the UK for two weeks (mywife and I fly out this weekend, so there will be an even longerhiatus).

The real reason has been four discouraging items related to ILAMand this website.

Firstly, I've been right up to my limit with this Angelfireaccount for three months now.  There's no room for more images, andI've even had to take some older material down I had archived away on thesite.  Despite repeated requests, they haven't responded to my plea forexpanding the size of this free account.

Secondly, I have been in touch with the archives of Procterand Gamble, sponsors of ILAM for thelast half of the first run of the series.  After waiting for many months, Ifinally had their disappointing reply:

I have checked our database for "I Love a Mystery" and searched our files and
unfortunately, no luck. P&G sponsored many TV and Radio Shows throughout its
history and the Archives tries to cover everything. However, sometimes our
searching is unsuccessful.
Thirdly, efforts to track down the ILAM comic created by Don Sherwoodby myself, Jim Farst, and Michael Simons were unsuccessful.  Michael sumsup things very eloquently:
I've thrown in the towel. I have just finished what must have been my 10th hour of internet research. Not only can I not get any information about the ILAM strip, but absolutely nothing about Don Sherwood. I checked all the European sites I could in English, e-mailed the syndicate that distributed the strip and even contacted several British comic book stores for any kind of a lead! All were dead ends.
Fourthly, and most depressing is the following that I'velearned.  I'll quote you a heavily edited E-mail I received from someonewhose identity they wish concealed:
I have pretty much confirmed the rumor that an East Coast OTR trader truly has a copy of the lost ILAM, STAIRWAY TO THE SUN.  He is reluctant to give up a copy Stairway to the Sun, which he claims he has from disc, not paper tape.  He does not appear to be interested in trading, nor is he interested in money.
Four strike outs, all in a row (sigh). To make up for this, and to get out of my blue funk, I'll try and get back towork on the synopsis for the Second weeks of THE BLUE PHANTOM MURDER.

And if Angelfire ever does expand my accountsize, I'll upload a new version of page describing the actors of ILAM (includingall the different Jack Packards from both runs of the show).

Finally, my friend  Jim Farst has informed me of the following interesting information:

The latest SPERDVAC says that the Radio Enthusiasts of Puget Sound will definitely re-create an ILAM at their 2000 showcase June 30 - July 1. No other info is available at this time and their website hasn't been updated yet. We will probably have to contact them directly to find out exactly which episode will be done.

P.S.    If anyone has any new informationregarding ILAM (new fragment discoveries, newrecreations, contemporary news articles, etc.), I'd be very interested inreading it. Also, any information surrounding Don Sherwood and how to contact him, as well as information on how to contact the widow ofOTR trader Al Bloch (rumored to have had much ILAM treasures in his collection before his death), would be greatlyappreciated.  It may take a little time to get back to you all with myvacation plans and all, so please be patient!

May 16th, 2000

This has been another long delay in updating the web-site, but I really dohave some good excuses!  Firstly, I was away with my wife Carolinevacationing in the United Kingdom, where we had a very good time for twoweeks.  Of course, on our return, there was the usual backlog of work toclear away!  I also began my final rotation of my core rotation in InternalMedicine, before I start my fellowship in Geriatric Medicine July 1st 2000, atMcMaster University, Ontario, Canada.

There were a few interesting developments while I was away, in the ILAM worldthat have cheered me up from my previous doldrums.

Firstly, I had a nice E-mail from Pat Richoux, reminiscing about listening to the series when he was young.  He also mentions another ILAM sighting, this time in the novel, "Marathon Man" by noted author andscreenwriting William Goldman (I've still trying to find a local copy of thiswork, Pat!).

Secondly, Renee Hyatt sent me a few great images of Carlton E. Morsefrom his high school yearbook, which (I'll try to upload on the site some timesoon).  There's also this wonderful item which he had bestowed to all posterity in his class will:  "I, Carlton Morse, will to whoever feels called upon to accept same, the large wad of gum which may be found under the first chair in the front row in Mr. Bender's room."

Thirdly, there has been interesting discussion which I have started onCharlie Sumner's great web page The ILAM Phorum,regarding the level of interest for an future ILAM recreations.  You maywant to read the thread by following the following URL regarding thiscontroversial www.lofcom.com/nostalgia/ilam

Fourthly, while I was away, the counter tipped over7000 visitors!  Thanks to everyone who has written with all their kindwords.

Fifthly, there seems to be a new way to add to the 5 Mbof space that Angelfire offers here to host this site.  A new website,called http://www.driveway.com/, seems to be a wayto add additional files and so on.  If anyone has advice on how to use thisso I can load some new pages devoted to the other actors involved with ILAM, thenew Morse images, etc., I'd appreciate their input.

Finally, while I'll be busy this weekend and much of the next with mymedical on-call duties and a few talks I have to finish, I'll be shortly postingthe new synopses for the lost episodes of THE BLUEPHANTOM MURDERS, which I've dragged out on far too long.  Afterthis is (finally!) done, is there preference for what other circulating ILAMscripts become synopsized next?  I was thinking of MURDER ON FEBRUARY ISLAND next, but I could be convinced to try one of theothers.

July 31st, 2000

I started my new Fellowship in Geriatric Medicine in Hamilton, Ontario on July 1st, and I'm having a great time here. Unfortunately, I've had more than a few setbacks, too.

Perhaps the most serious of these was a break-in in my house in London, Ontario (which I commute to on weekends). Not only did they destroy the back door of our house in order to gain entry and grab all our CD's and jewelry, but they also grabbed the scanner and the Dell computer. The same computer that held not only a few years worth of medical essays, talks, manuscripts in process, E-mail addresses, software, backups, etc., but also all my ILAM materials, including images sent to me, E-mail regarding ILAM, and the synopsis I was working on for BLUE PHANTOM. Much of this material is lost forever now, including the software used to generate the site. Until I can shake some money out of our insurance company, it may take some time before I can get up to speed on expanding the web-site (sigh). As it is, I'm making these changes to the site the old fashioned way, fumbling over what little I remember of HTML.

I also have a few other things occupying my time, including difficulties getting a new E-mail address from McMaster U after losing the old one from Western, some car troubles (to the tune of one G note), the need to find an apartment here in Hamilton, commuting back and forth to visit my wife once a week in London, and (in the little time that is left over!) studying for my final written exams in Internal Medicine (held in September).

I also have a new E-mail address, since the old one is gone. I can be reached at misiabc@mcmaster.ca If you haven't heard from me in a while, please feel free to drop me a line!

November 3rd, 2000

It's been far too long since I've updated the site. Part of the problem is that since our robbery this summer, I don't have a computer of my own, being forced to use borrowed machines at the various hospitals I work in here in Hamilton. None of these machines have web-authoring software, and (to be honest) I'm not all that familiar with HTML coding.

Another problem is an utter lack of spare time; I live in Hamilton 5 days a week, and commute back to London (Ontario) on weekends (unless I am on call, or my wife is on call, or...). So what little time is left over, I do want to spend it with Caroline, and not trapped in front of a computer. Finally, the two of us were studying frantically for our Royal College Exams (she for Psychiatry, and myself for Internal Medicine) over much of the summer, and we finally wrote the two day exams in early September. Thankfully, we both passed (hurrah!), leaving only the oral exams for both of us next June!

I thought I would have a bit of a breather from all these setbacks, but this this past Monday, "Devil's Night", Caroline urgently paged me with some more bad news:

We'd been broken into again....

Someone had smashed through the little front glass window of the front door, and unfastened the lock IN BROAD DAY LIGHT! They must have cut themselves, for they left a bloody trail throughout the house, including the upstairs bedroom,and all over our duvet and carpet. They tore into Caroline's jewelry box again (thankfully missing the diamonds I had given her for Christmas last year) but they did steal some her other favourites. They also stole my CD player, and made mess in the bathroom, taking medications, and filling the toilet with pills they didn't want, and so on.

Caroline is understandably scared... and I don't blame her. The police took her more seriously this robbery, and did fingerprinting, took blood samples, etc. She slept that night at a friends place (and last night with a fireplace poker near her bed). I think we'll have to invest in some form of security system now...

However, there will be some good news to announce today. Firstly, the number of visitors to this web-site has gone well over the 10,000 number! Secondly, I've finished the latest chapter (episode 6) of my ILAM pastiche, "Three Love A Mystery: The Ghost With Nine Fingers" which I'll soon be posting. Thirdly, I've recently learned that SPERDVAC will be recreating a new "lost" ILAM, MURDER IN TURQUOISE PASS (and I'm frantically trying to supply them the final chapter of this script!).

Fourthly, I have a major to make an exciting announcment regarding ILAM scripts, but I will save this until December 1st, 2000!

Until then, please enjoy the web-site. I'll be getting a new computer shortly, and hopefull will get some web-authoring software to upgrade the site, add in some new essays, finish the synopsis for "THE BLUE PHANTOM MURDERS" and more.

I am also starting again to trade copies of the 1989 recreation of TEMPLE OF VAMPIRES, so for anyone I've been stalling about this for whom I've promised to trade this with in the past (ie. Norm Cukras, John Callahan, Bob Boston, etc.), please get in touch with me ASAP!

November 24th, 2000

A misshap off an icy mountain road today with myself and my car (my car's mostly okay, ditto the driver) combined with some cancelled medical clinics have allowed me some free time to complete the second week's worth of episodes for the synopsis of THE BLUE PHANTOM MURDERS, with three more episodes detailing the murders taking place on a lonely power yacht deep in the South Atlantic Ocean, just in time for the US Thanksgiving Day weekend! You can find this by following the links below on the Synopis page, below!.

January  22nd, 2001

I note with interest that the site passed the 12,000 visit mark January 18th, 2001, and it's still a few weeks from the second anniversary from the web-site! For everyone who has dropped in, take a bow!

Additionally, you man be intersted in learning that the ILAM web-site has made it into the news...way back in April 1999! Norman A Cukras, who used to write a weekly column (The County Line) for The News-Sun (located in Sebring,
Florida) wrote an article about both the web-site and myself on April 16, 1999. Being humble, I didn't want to say much at the time, but since Norm has graciously granted me permission to reproduce the column on my web-page, which you can read yourself either through the "About the Web-Master" or the "Misc. Ramblings" pages.  Thanks, Norm!

I also spent some time tracking down a rumour that ILAM disks may have made it as far as Japan, when the show was aired on the Far East Network (FEN).  I wrote to the Armed Forces Radio & Television Service Broadcast Center, and this is the Affiliate Relations Customer Service Officer's reply to my query letter:

Those recordings of I Love A Mystery and all others were kept  in library "just in case" there was a mail interruption or war prevented FEN and others  from getting a shipment from here.  When technology changed  and television was added, and space became an issue, those "old" electronic transcriptions (ETs) were destroyed per regulation.  All this in accordance with Department of Defense regulations, copyright laws and our contractual agreements with  the industry.
Unfortunately, not very good news for us ILAM fans. Our only help is if anyone
salvaged these disks, or made air-checks at the time.

For a second bit of bad news, I've learned that while SPERDVAC was able to pull of a new "lost" ILAM recreation at the end of November 2000 (one for MURDER IN TURQUOISE PASS),  SPERDVAC was told to send all scripts and tapes back to the Morse Family Trust...apparently there is a secret commercial venture making ILAM recreations somewhere out on the east coast and they don't want other organizations such as SPERDVAC muddying up the waters by releasing materials such as the recreations...

Meanwhile, I'm putting the finishing touches on the latest installment of my ILAM pastiche, THE GHOST WITH NINE FINGERS, and will hopefully post this some time before the end of the next month or so.  Finally, my next project
will be beginning another "lost" ILAM synopsis (and if you have any preferences on which one you want to see me do, please write to let me know!).

February  22nd, 2001

Welcome back to the unofficial ILAM web-site!  Today marks the second anniversary of the website, first created at 4 am February 22nd 1999 while trying to stay awake in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), after having just admitted someone from the OR who had receieved a heart transplant.  To mark the occasion (and the lucky 13,000 visitors to the web-site), I have a
couple of  treats in store:

Firstly, I've completed the 7th episode of my ILAM pastiche "Three Love A Mystery", a story entitled, The Ghost With Nine Fingers.  I hope you'll enjoy reading it, and you can find it via the Home-Brew ILAM link below.

Secondly, I have a new section available on ILAM recreations!  Not only do I have information available about previous projects, I also have some files available for downloading that may be of interest for those persons looking for a recreation of the lost interior episodes of TEMPLE OF VAMPIRES.  Visit the Recreations link below for more information and details!

I hope you'll enjoy both these new items!

May 23rd, 2001

This is just a short note to explain my long absence from the web-site. I have my oral/practical exams in Internal Medicine with the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada in late June, and a big move a week after that. As much as I would like to start the synopsis for the clear winner of your vote for most wanted lost ILAM, (THE PIRATE LOOT OF THE ISLAND OF SKULLS), this will have to wait until after July 2001.

When I find the time, I'll try and answer each and every one of your E-mails on questions surrounding ILAM that I can dash off in a jiffy. Questions (or rather, my answers!) surrounding tape trades, scripts, etc., will have to be deferred until after my chaotic work and personal life has settled down a mite.

In the meanwhile, enjoy visiting the site and check out the action. I also have some questions on the ILAM Phorum (follow the links far below) that some of you may be able to answer for me!

July 11th, 2001

Another short note. I passed my oral Internal Medicine exams in late June, so I am now a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicans and Surgeons of Canada.

Also, a big (and terrible) move for my wife and I just after that (and *still* no new computer) has slowed down my ability to update things here.

However, the next few weeks should see some new updates to the web-site, including the starting of a new synopsis, some new essays, an updated FAQ, changes to the log, and more.

September 22nd, 2001

On September 11th, 2001, the world changed forever with the horrific terrorist attacks in the United States, in both New York
City and Washington D.C. 

My wife Caroline & I have been in a state of perpetual shock up here in Canada, riveted to televised news reports of the    terrible events unfolding that day just south of the border. Work crawled to a standstill in the hospital we both work in, as not    only staff but patients too talked about little else. There were massive blood donor clinics, memorial services, fire-fighters at the mall soliciting funds to help their American brothers, and American flags popping up in windows, garage doors & on  homes and businesses everywhere in support.

As a Canadian, I'd like to express my deepest and most profound sympathies to all my American friends who have been   touched by this terrible tragedy.  My thoughts are with you in this time of sorrow and anger.

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