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There are very few Internet resources available on "I Love A Mystery" and its creator,  Carlton E. Morse.

The newest (as of fall 2001) is the I LOVE A MYSTERY: A-1 DETECTIVE AGENCY, and its web-master is my friend James Herman. It's a well organized site, with new images, as well as a good listing of all of James' own holdings.

There's another reason to come over, and I'll let none other than Doc Long tell you why:

"Well, spank me for a baby! Honest to grandma, the Flash ILAM soundboard with my trademark phrases so kindly provided by James is honest to goodess hilarious!  Every doggone fan of ILAM will have to check this amazin' thing out!  And I'll let you in on a lil' secret...if you tap on a few buttons at once, it's like there's a whole room jess plum FULL of me! And what could be finer than that?"

The (new) URL is:

ILAM Phorum One of the best of the ILAM sites is Charlie Summer's site, which houses not only the a bulletin board exchange devoted to all matters ILAM but also excerpts from the now defunct ILAM fanzine, "The A-1 Gazette", a collection of "First 10 Words", and more!

The URL is:

THRILLING DETECTIVES: Another interesting site Kevin Smith's site on fictional detective, with a plump page devoted to Jack, Doc and Reggie as intrepid detectives. The following site not only briefly outlines their careers, but also provides a very decent log of the entire series. The rest of the web site, devoted to all sorts of famous fictional detectives, is also well worth visiting.

The URL is:

ONE MAN'S FAMILY: Mike Sprague's web-site is a relative newcomer, and devoted to Carlton E. Morse's other famous radio serial, dealing the with trials and tribulations of the Barbour Family.  While not a fan of this show myself, I know that there are many devotees of this long lasting radio serial, and this is a good way to get in touch with other kindred spirits.

The URL here is:

Note: If you find other great ILAM links, please let me know!

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