I Love A Mystery ?

New! 7th Episode as of February 22nd, 2001!

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery...

Back in the fall of 1998, I whimsically wrote a couple of chapters for a ILAM-ish radio play I called, "The Ghost With Nine Fingers," which could be considered both an homage and a sequel  to two of my favourite ILAMs, "BURY YOUR DEAD, ARIZONA" and "TEMPLE OF VAMPIRES."

So as to not step on a certain set of toes, I called it an "I Luvva Mystery" radio play (grin).
With the initial enthusiastic response I had gotten, I wrote two subsequent episodes (episodes #3 & 4 ) in March, 1999, and a 5th in January 2000. Over the years, I've since rechanged the title of this parallel series from "I LUVVA MYSTERY" to "THREE LOVE A MYSTERY," and did some major and minor editing.

After a *very* long hiatus, and some thinking of where I wanted the story to go, I have revisited this story and have written a sixth episode November 27th, 2000, and the 7th episode three months later, just in time for the 2nd anniversary of the web-site in fact!


February 22nd, 2001.

The Ghost With Nine Fingers

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Episode 5   Episode 6

Episode 7

Please tell me if you want to read more of this story!

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