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Several amateur and commercial recreations have been made in the past to fill the void left by the long missing, unavailable and "lost" ILAM recordings.

Most recently, in November 2000 SPERDVAC put on a live production of the story, MURDER IN TURQUOISE PASS.  Alas, at the request of the Morse Family Trust, no audio recordings were made of this live production, and all scripts and rehearsal recordings were returned to the Morse Family Trust.

Jim Harmon's joint production of THE FEAR THAT CREEPS LIKE A CAT (made with MORSELCO, the commercial arm of the Morse Family Trust) was produced and commercially released back in 1996.  Some have criticized this production, although the back story of complicated legal problems make it surprising it was even released at all, and a great deal of credit must be given to Mr. Harmon for managing to complete it at all. Although no longer available in many catalogs, Jim Harmon has enough copies still in stock to sell to interested parties.

Bud Carey, a West Coast OTR DJ, helped produce (with the aid of Jim Harmon) a recreation of the "lost" interior episodes of the classic story, TEMPLE OF VAMPIRES using the original Carlton E. Morse scripts. They were made for his January 1989 radio program, "Old Time Theatre", and were broadcast over radio station KALW.  It is a very credible and surprisingly solid effort, and in some ways superior to the later production of FEAR that was commercially released.

Long unavailable for many years, below you can now download several MP3 versions of the  recreated lost episodes of TEMPLE  (and, being the the ILAM story that so angered the Nicaraguan government  that they lodged a formal protest!) for your own listening enjoyment, using your favourite MP3 player! Many thanks to Jeff Oransky for supplying me an MP3 version of this recreation (i.e. I was getting awfully tired at copying all those tape cassettes for interested parties!).

Just right click on each link to download to your home PC, and listen with your favorite MP3 Player.

Bad News for 2003!

For the last year, I hosted all the recreated episodes on this site. 

Unfortunately,  because of new space and bandwidth limitations with this free Angelfire account (which currently hosts this website)  I can now only supply the first  recreated episode of this story at this time. You will have to try tracking down the rest through your favorite OTR trader or collector, or through a P2P network like Kazaa or Morpheus. Sorry!


January 8th, 2003


Temple of Vampires: Recreation Episode 8

Note the follow recreated episodes are no longer available here: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 18

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