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What's New: May 2004

Hello everyone! Has it really been (gulp) 17 months since I last updated this page? There have been many new things to interfere with my hobbies; a new baby girl named Lauren Hope Misiaszek born on October 16th 2003, and my new position as an assistent professor of medicine as of April Fools day this year.

On the ILAM front there have been some equally new and exciting things. OTR scholar Martin Grams Jr. has a brand new book, "The I Love A Mystery Companion", and there is now a reprinting of Mr. Sherwood's ILAM comic strip that has been published by Moonstone Press.

More on these, when I get a chance to review them!

I Love A Mystery is considered by many radio fans and collectors as the greatest radio adventure serial of all time! 

Written and directed by  Carlton E. MorseILAM, (or "The Mystery"as it is known by many of its many fans, first appeared on NBC’s Pacific Coast outlets back in January 1939, went coast to coast later that fall, and appeared on-and-off over nearly every broadcast network until the final reprisal show at the end of 1953. 

Fast paced, deftly scripted, and Fleischmann’s dried-yeast vitaminized with over-the-top-excitement, ILAM is still beloved by fans of radio mystery drama nearly 60 years after it first appeared over the airwaves.

Who could not love a show with such luridly shudder-pulpy  titles as Temple of Vampires, The Pirate Loot of the Island of Skulls, Bury Your Dead Arizona & The Thing that Cries in the Night ? 

ILAM appeared in two separate network radio runs (one in Hollywood, the second originating from New York City a decade later), spawned three 1940s movies, a comic strip, and a single television series pilot. 

I Love A Mystery even inspired the writers of the original Hanna-Barbara cartoon, "Scooby Doo--Where Are You"

To learn more about the series, simply follow one of the many links below. 

Brian Christopher Misiaszek

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