An Agenda for Peace
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Global Peace Walk 2000 support letter from Ira Einhorn:

Note: Ira Einhorn is a controversial personality because of his longtime "radical" peace, environmental, and social justice activism, and especially because of publicity about his In-Absentia conviction in Philadelphia for a murder that he and some of his prominent longtime influential associates maintain he was framed for in order to discredit his advocacy of such controversial issues as drug legalization, economic and public policy reform, and his research into areas including military intelligence abuses, covert operations (including CIA drug smuggling), psychotronic warfare, US government UFO secrecy policies, and advanced physics related revolutionary scientific discoveries with applications for new energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power that have been purportedly diverted to covert development by the US and other governments to advanced electromagnetic weapons of mass destruction.

A Philadelphia Daily News article recently reported on a comparison of the Einhorn case to that of Mumia Abu-Jamal, while others find a possible parallel with the case of American Indian Movement spiritual leader Leonard Peltier, according to Amnesty International a political prisoner of the United States Government, now imprisoned for over 24years after his conviction for the murder of two FBI agents based on evidence later acknowledged by prosecutors as fraudulent.

While some details on this matter are referenced below, the Global Peace Walk Project makes no endorsements about Einhorn's innocence or guilt on this matter, but has accepted his letter and message of support for Global Peace Walk 2000 for consideration of the potential merits of its information alone and will include it with the many other such messages and proclamations of support to be carried to the public, to Washington DC, and to the United Nations for its 55th anniversary October 24, 2000, to help inaugurate the UN Year and Decade of Creating a Culture of Peace for the 21st Century.

"An Agenda for Peace"

Global Peace Walk 2000 support letter from Ira Einhorn:

I am glad to offer my support for Global Peace Now!, as an initiative that all earthlings can support and to add An Agenda For Peace to those messages that will allow Global Peace Walk 2000 to find resonance with the many hearts it will touch as it proceeds upon its journey.


"The advanced nations have entered a pre-fascist social condition that will ripen in various ugly ways if the market's imperatives prevail, if commerce and finance refuse to compromise their objectives."
--- William Greider, quoted in International Herald Tribune, Dec 6, 1999, page 17

Globalization is a form of conceptual imperialism - economic style. An imposition of 18th century rational thought upon an entire planet, evoking a gut response of NO IN THUNDER in the streets of Seattle, and on the slowly forming planetary nervous system (the INTERNET), and a mindless response of violence from those who do the dirty work for the planetary Bag men.

The principles which govern the future must be based upon diversity and the flourishing of the many not the one.

Just as genetically manipulated food would end 13,000 years of farming in a decade and destroy our most precious wealth, the manifold variety of seeds which have evolved through the millennia, top down economic imposition under the auspices of the World Bank, the IMF, GATT and now WTO, would totally destroy diversity.

I live in France profond wherein one speaks of Ruffecois, Confolenais, and Manslois, 3 small towns within 15 miles of my house.

Each has its own particular way, often a cheese or a local dish - the richness is in diversity.

A diversity of history and culture that studies indicate we are destroying by the relentless economic crusade for one way of doing business. A crusade that the name often invoked in its defense, Adam Smith, would have abhorred, for his book on ethics and moral sentiment was more important to him than his WEALTH OF NATIONS, yet the entities that most take advantage of the imposed rule of the WTO are large multi-nationals governed by one principle: Profit.

Some adaptation to the shrinking of the world is necessary and inevitable, as that is the way of evolution, but WTO is a human creation not some implacable force even though some economists talk about "free markets" in those terms and others point out that there are no "free markets" as almost everything governments do with taxes and other laws are really forms of subsidy, favoring one type of structure - big corporations.

The actual control of resources in the world is so unbalanced as to be an obscenity and present practices are only increasing that situation.

Any future WTO mandates must be based upon an evaluation of what the organization has so far brought about - an enormous transfer of wealth to a small group of people - and a concern for people not corporations and profit. Economics is a tool not some god to be prayed to.

If WTO does not create a future that celebrates planetary diversity, and allows the small to flourish it must be discarded.

The English people said no to genetically manipulated food..

Seattle said no to further economic enslavement.

May Global Peace Walk 2000 begin to role back the soft fascism that has allowed America to rip up the constitution and betray its own stated purpose.

Jails are not the solution to poverty.

SWAT teams are not the solution to soft drugs.

Seizures of property from innocent people is THEFT not police work.

Driving while black must become a thing of the past.

Compassion must rule wherein medical marijuana is concerned.

Midnight seizure of children must stop.

Hemp should flourish, along with free energy and the UFO information that would allow people to create it.

The death penalty must be rescinded, so that America can once again be a part of the civilized world.

The execution of children is heinous.

The destruction of childhood with Ritalin and other methods of stamping out childhood must be moderated as childhood is not a disease.

A large agenda for those working with David Crockett Williams and Global Peace Walk 2000, but an agenda we must all adopt if we are to create a world in the next century that we can be proud to live in.

May it be a success!!


Ira Einhorn
Dec 7, 1999

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