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The below article is forwarded from Ira Einhorn in France as his response to the failure of the American media to deal with any of the basic facts concerning the murder of Holly Maddux, and his evidentiary refutation of claims that he is responsible for this murder as is portrayed in numerous recent sensationalized media and "TV docudrama" accounts.

To further his search for objective and qualified reporters to document "his side of the story", interested journalists may email to General Agency Services gear2000@lightspeed.net for their communications to be relayed to Mr. Einhorn by email.


The most important aspect of any murder investigation are the forensics: the scientific reports connected to the physical evidence in the case.

If the forensics do not agree with the prosecutor's theory of the case, the case is almost certainly a loser for the prosecution.

The Assistant DA assigned to my case sent the physical evidence to the FBI instead of using the local expert whose job it was to handle such matters.

The FBI turned in extensive reports that refuted every contention about the case that the DA made.

These reports were withheld from us for a long period of time - though they were due to us by law.


Then the evidence was sent to the prestigious scientific lab, National Medical Services of Willow Grove, PA, that did the work on the O.J. Simpson case, with the same result and the same delay in reporting to us.

Strike TWO

Then in desperation the evidence was turned over to the man whose competence was certainly questioned by being skipped over twice.

He turned up some protein by using a test that he invented and that would have been deeply challenged.

So not strike three, BUT this is not a baseball game, but a murder investigation in which there is normally one report, not the kind of shopping around described above.

When the negative results were finally given to us and announced, the city's major magazine replied with an article that had blood on every page.

There is no blood in the case. A badly smashed skull which should spray blood everywhere, as my jubilant lawyer explained to me, produced no blood anywhere in the apartment. There was no blood in the body.

The conclusion of my lawyer was that Holly Maddux was not killed in my apartment. It was the off the record conclusion of one of the FBI men who did some of the forensic work. No wonder they went for a second opinion. It was also the conclusion of Kit Green who at that time was Director of the Life Science's Division of the CIA who is an expert in this area of knowledge and who looked into the case.

The media went bat shit when I was arrested, came to the conclusion that I was guilty and then resolutely refused to deal with any evidence that contradicted their original assertions and conclusions, BUT did deal with the shopping habits of my wife at Friday market in Champagne - Mouton, so that the people of Philadelphia could read about my dinner the same day that I was eating it.

What the prosecutor, Barbara Christie did however was a lot worse. She had a report in her possession that placed Holly Maddux in a bank and identified by three witnesses, six months after her supposed death at my hands. To keep this discovery from us, she shortened the pages of a larger report that was given to us, enabling her to avoid the pagination in the report and pull the incriminating pages out of the report. My lawyer smelled a rat and we eventually got the pages, BUT only after having to file a motion on the matter.

This was news. Not a word about it in the press, so then and there I got the drift of things, lost all respect for the law as it was being practiced in Philadelphia and began to think about another life which became a reality when a third factor emerged that decided the issue. A factor I can't talk about as it involves a very paranoid person.

Barbara Christie built a career on such fraudulent practice which is now coming back to haunt her, as this recent e-mail note from a lawyer friend indicates:

"Just yesterday and publicized today because yesterday was a holiday - Veteran's Day - came the PA Supreme Court decision (in Com. v. Raymond Martorano and Albert Daidone Nos. 0002 and No. 0003 E.D. Appeal Docket 1998) both of whom were convicted of the murder of union leader John McCollough (Roofer's) in 1984. The prosecutor was Barbara Christie and she carried out a pattern of prosecutorial misconduct which resulted in the first degree convictions being reversed and now, the PA Supreme Court has held that her conduct was so egregious and so calculated to deny a fair trial that double jeopardy under the state constitution bars a retrial. While the decision was 4-3 it is still a real blow to the DA's office and to Christie. Because of her conduct - and her conduct alone - two mobsters cannot even be tried. "

The behavior of the major American media has been totally consistent in following a party line which has presented me as a demon whose past life has been almost totally erased. An erasure in keeping with Joel Rosen's summation to the jury in my IN ABSENTIA trial as "a bum who xeroxed things" and members of the Philadelphia Earth Week Committee who signed a petition declaring that my participation in Earth Day was limited to 15 minutes in the face of all the evidence of my having organized, structured and been the Master of Ceremonies for the massive outdoor event which drew 250,000 people to Fairmount Park, lasted 7 hours, put ecology on the map and helped create the EPA.

IN ABSENTIA trials are rare in Pennsylvania and an IN ABSENTIA trial for murder is beneath contempt. It was a stupid thing for the DA to do and has never been adequately explained as Joel Rosen's statements about the matter have been totally contradictory, and diametrically opposed depending upon the circumstances.

The attitude of righteous imperialism evidenced in the American media response to France's maintenance of both their own laws and the European Declaration on Human rights should be very instructive to those fighting unpopular battles.

The Einhorn Law, initiated in the Pennsylvania legislature soon after France refused to extradite me, is a law of convenience written for one person and obviously unconstitutional to any one with any knowledge of American law. This fact has been studiously avoided by all media articles, portraying the French in an insulting manner and once again avoiding the real issues at stake.

No court can allow itself to be treated in such a manner, as my decision is final and trials can't be legislated, BUT are the province of the court to grant: a basic principle of the American system of government known as the separation of powers. The DA of Philadelphia is lying when she says she can guarantee a new trial and she knows it as she let slip during an appearance on national TV and is indicated in this quote from one of the eight supporting briefs filed in the matter:

"Frankly, I am appalled, but not surprised, by the District Attorney's "guarantee" which refers to the statute granting a new trial but makes no reference whatsoever to controlling decisions of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court unequivocally holding that any such statute is invalid. Furthermore, I am surprised and disappointed by the State Department's blind endorsement of this deliberately misleading document."

The DA's recent AP quote in reference to the December Esquire article on me: "Ira Einhorn is a convicted murderer, and no one should give credence to anything he says", is indicative of both the state of play re: me and many other important issues - suppression of first amendment rights, when they present inconvenient facts.

Her behavior is in keeping with the general trend in the country: to avoid any legal impediments when the forces of righteousness are involved as this quote from Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-Manhattan) indicates:

"This bill is an embarrassment to the House," Nadler said. "If we declare something a war, some people think that we can suspend the Constitution in order to fight that war. We did that to our regret with communism in the 1950s. We may have done that with terrorism. And now we are being asked to do that with the war on drugs."

DISCLAIMER: I am innocent of the charges lodged against me, BUT the above is not about guilt or innocence, it is about how I have been treated in a supposedly free press and the failure to deal with issues in article after article that lays shame on American journalism . A shame that so called Social Justice writer Russ Baker must also bear, for his ludicrous attempt, in his article on me in the December Esquire, to assign cause to some remarks on CIA involvement that were never offered as explanations, since I never offered Russ any explanations, as that was not the stated reason for his article. A frustration that ended in his lying about his failure to get any statements on the matter from me. I still await an honest journalist who will treat the matters outlined above in an adequate way.

Ira Einhorn
Champagne-Mouton, France
November 27, 1999

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