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Over several months in 1999 I first became acquainted with Ira Einhorn due to my email communications in collaboration with Dr. Jack Sarfatti, President of Internet Science Education Project, on his network of researchers involved in furthering new scientific developments in the physics of consciousness and related new energy technologies. Sarfatti has known Einhorn for decades and from his deeper personal and professional understanding he has detailed to that email list members on many occasions the reasons why he thinks that Ira Einhorn was framed for the murder of Holly Maddux to discredit his work due to the threat posed to the actual perpetrators from the otherwise progressive success of Einhorn and his network's activism in areas including globally advanced new science applications to covert military/industrial/intelligence purposes.

Over the months of communications after beginning to understand a few more details of the Maddux case which I had never heard of, and after numerous personal email exchanges with Einhorn convinced me that his work was and still is important and that he has been treated unfairly by the US news media and justice system, I offered to help offer a vehicle for him to bring more details of the truth to light regarding his case and messages.

On this page as time permits I will post some quotes from email exchanges relevant to Einhorn's legal situation and related issues. This page was set up first on December 14, 1999, and last updated [16DEC99].

"An Agenda for Peace" with links to other background information should be reviewed first. More on this comments page coming soon.
For information on Einhorn's legal situation and issues:

November 27, 1999, "Facts for Openers", by Ira Einhorn

DECLARATION of evidence Einhorn was set up and framed for murder:

Review of NBC movie on Einhorn, "Hunt for the Unicorn Killer"

Continuing selection of newspaper articles on Einhorn/Unicorn case

Continuing selection of commnents on Einhorn/Unicorn case & issues

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