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Workers, Friends and Conventions in USA (The Truth)


Summary of "the Truth" in the 50 states of America.Convention owners, famous brother and sister workers and other information is provided below. The church of George Walker and Jack Carroll, meeting in homes on Sunday and Wednesday night bible studies. Annual conventions are held on farms and preachers are called "workers".
Alabama-Famous workers here include Murray Keene, George Lee, Murhl Howland and others. In the early 90s a visiting overseer from France (Albert Gallichan) died during the Foster convention and was buried in Alabama. Fosters convention was once owned by the Oliver family but now owned by the Phillips family.
Alaska- Hard feelings linger over the decision of workers on the West Coast US to dethrone overseer Bob Ingram and fellow worker Truitt Olyer for unspecified "false doctrine".
ArizonaEd Alexander is head worker. Protestors picketed the Casa Grande convention ground a few years ago trying to inform the friends of William Irvine's role in founding the truth. Casa Grande convention in late April is the first convention in mainland USA.
Arkansas-This is Ken Lerwick country. Jim Brown used to labor in Arkansas. . Only one set of brother workers labored in that state last year!
California-Divorce and remarriage is discouraged in Eldon Tenniswood territory. Leo Stancliff, Richard Middleton, Steve Peirson, Jonathan Wright, Dan Hilton, Scott Wainwright, Richard Wulf, and hymn writer Gladys Porteous have labored in the state. This state once hosted Uncle Willie Jamieson and Jack Carroll.

Several on the California staff have labored in Latin America or Asia. Paul Boyd has labored in Korea. Willie Pollock has labored in Latin America. The 1987 Hymns Old and New hymn book was constructed in California.A modern convention facility was built on the Wainswright farm at Mountain Ranch replacing the old Gilroy CA convention grounds.

Warren Wainswright has a nursing home for older workers in CA. Creekside Manor is is Merced, California. Primrose and Gladys Weir, Viola Fridley and Don Fisher are staying in this elderly worker care home.

During the late 1980s, 2 workers (Mike Murray and ?) died in an auto accident near San Jose CA and their funerals were held at the Gilroy convention grounds. After Eldon Tenniswood assumed control following Uncle Willie Jamieson's death, he organized a 1975 Elder's meeting and a 1982 Young People's Meeting to discuss doctrine. CA used a supplement to the 1951 hymn book before the 1987 book came out.Walter Pollock is against divorce-remarriage and gives worker talks when people marry "unprofessing people" or "outsiders".

Uncle Willie Jamieson died in CA in 1974. The funeral service was October 15, 1974, at 7:00 p.m. in Whittier, Ca. The interment was October 16 at 10:00 a. m., Pacific Crest Cemetery, Redondo Beach, Ca.

Colorado-Garret Hughes country. Herbert Vitzthum labored here before WW II. Ed Cornock labored many years in CO.Leslie White, the current overseer, has relaxed marriage rules. Young people in Colorado are more laid back on sports, entertainment and dress. During the Vietnam War, Colorado and Oklahoma got some media coverage from a worker wanting a deferment.
Connecticut -Charles Steffen is overseer here. Meeting homes were not to have radios in the 1990s!
Delaware-Sam McCracken is head worker of this small state. Nearest convention-Downings VA
Florida-Ray Hoffman is the current overseer. Convention was moved from the Lees of Ocala to Dennis Klepzig's farm at Apopka during the 1980s. Meetings in Dade county are more ethnically diverse than in some areas. A lone protester has picketed the Apopka FL convention grounds a few times and passed out some literature there. John Hendy was overseer here from the 1950s until the 1970s when Joe Crane became head worker. . Many friends in southern Florida have friends and family in the Carribean. Some meetings swell in size when retired people come down for the winter. Some meetings only exist during winter when retirees vacation in FL. A professing man with AIDS died in the Tampa Bay area during the 1990s.
Georgia-Birthplace of Taylor Wood. Conventions at Demorest saw a change in ownership about 5 years ago. Metter GA also has a convention there. Robert Flippo is the current overseer. Former overseers include Irving Ross and Charles Thain. A 1914 newspaper depicted a tent mission held by sister worker Ida Hawkins in North Georgia. The friends in Georgia are not as strict as in other southern US states.
Hawaii-State tends to be a bit relaxed on dress and entertainment. The workers and friends here are isolated from the mainland US. Convention is held in a rented building instead of a farm in Hawaii.
Idaho- Jack Price and Sydney Holt shared control over this state during the 1990s. Mark Huddle and Dean Bruere currently share the responsibility of oversight here. A 1984 newspaper article focused on the conventions in Idaho.Thousands of friends profess in ID.
Illinois-Barry Barkely and Frank Porter country. Illinois has seen a number of people leave the truth forcing meeting consolidations. The convention at Mt. Sterling Illinois recieved media attention in the 1970s. At Mt.Sterling the little boy told a reporter that "he wasn't paid" to help in the convention but he was "thankful to have a job". Under Frank Porter, divorce and remarriage was banned. After attending meetings silently, Barry would likely allow you to resume taking part in meetings. During the 1980s, George Peterson was overseer in Illinois. Charles Steffen was also overseer here for a brief period. Harry Brownlee is in Illinois now.
Indiana. Margaret Carey died in 2000. Jeff Thayer, Murray Keene and Barry Barkely has been overseers. Shoals convention, once owned by Fred Woods, is now owned by the Phillips family since 2001. Jim Holt is current head worker of IN. Barbara Hilligoss and Jeanette Ford have spent many years in Indiana.
.Iowa- Jeff Thayer is the current overseer of Iowa. The friends in rural Iowa are very strict. During the 1990s, several Iowa workers labored in former Communist East Europe and Soviet Union-Russia. Vernon Spinner and Richard Davis have labored here. Bruce Van Stelton and Mike Henry are in IA.
Kansas-Ron Thomke country. Friends are very strict here. Berlin Raymond wrote a letter opposing divorce and remarriage. William Peterson was overseer here in the 1980s. William Peterson spent his last years in Kansas. The Olsen family is well respected in KS producing several workers and the owner of the Independence KS convention grounds.
Kentucky-New convention constructed at Salvisa KY in the late 1990s. Another convention is held at Madisonville. Glenn Gasser is current overseer. Previous head workers include Jerome Frandle, Peter Hunter and Lloyd Wilson.
Louisiana-Gilbert Reece and Jack Mulkey share responsibilities of Louisiana. Declining numbers of friends/workers here. Convention at Ponchatoula LA closed in 2000.Ira Hamilton brought Truth to LA in the 1920s.
Maine-Leslie White and Frank Porter are from Maine. Few friends in Maine today. Nearest conventions-Milford NH or Woodstock NB.
Maryland-Sam McCrackens rule extends into Maryland. Maryland friends attend conventions in Virginia or Pennsylvania. Few workers and friends can be found in this state. Washington DC has an African-American Sunday morning meeting. In 1942, a list of conventions listed one at Baltimore.
Massachussetts-George Walker had some early missions here around 1904. Few friends here today.
Michigan -Jerome Frandle is current overseer of MI. Weldon Burgess and Earle Newmiller were once overseers here. Arnold Brown and Forrest McPherson had some fruitful missions in Detroit in the 60s. A workers meeting was held at Carsonville MI in 1992. Sam Charlton used to labor in MI.The Tenniswood family were from Michigan. . Hymn writer Kenneth Dissemore spent his last years in Michigan in the early 1990s. The Carsonville convention grounds has been in the Klaty family since 1913. Other conventions are at Alma and Vanderbilt. Grayling MI once had a convention.
Minnesota-Friends and workers here are not friendly to the idea of divorce and remarriage. Gaylen Van Loon, the former overseer, would kick people out of meeting for marrying unprofessing or divorced people. Lyle Schober is the current overseer. William Lewis was overseer here in the 1980s but his relaxed divorce and re-marriage rules didn't appeal to the Twin Cities elders. Overseers from different regions met in Minneapolis in 1975 in an unsuccessful attempt to reach common ground on divorce-remarriage. Garrett Hughes' funeral was held at Eagle Bend MN in 1987. Paul Lyons labored here before his death in the early 1990s. The Skilbred sisters (Wanda and Lillian) were raised in Minnesota.
Mississippi-The current overseer is George Lee. Young Coleman was head worker here in the 1960s. The truth is very traditional here. Kinship ties in many meetings are strong. Certain respected families tend to lead meetings and have open homes for the workers here. The last 2 owners of Jackson convention were both Berrys (No relation)
Missouri-Ken Lerwick is the overseer here. A native American worker, Charles Lauchner, is on the MO staff. Randy Satterfield and John Culver are on the MO staff. Former Utah overseer Leslie Olsen now labors here. Charlie Mitchell used to preach some fiery sermons in Missouri. Charles Steffen was once head worker over MO.
Montana-This state has a high number of conventions considering its small population. In 1931, a barber from Bozeman murdered Tom Lyness at a hotel reading room. Everett Swanson left Montana in the 90s due to the Ronan issue and Jack Price followed Swanson as overseer. Hard feelings over the Ronan convention problem has ripped this state apart during the 1990s. Charlie Preston died in 2001 at 104.New head worker-Dean Bruere.
Nebraska-The gospel first came to Nebraska in 1907. Tom Craig and Hugh Doake came from Canada with very little, to the town of Elgin, Nebraska. This rural state is very strict and traditional. In 2002, Gaylen Van Loon was sent to Nebraska. Stanley Morrison is currently head worker over NE.
Nevada-Eldon Tenniswood and Richard Middleton oversee this state. Divorce and remarriage is not permitted here and violators of this rule cannot take part in meetings. Conventions were once held at Mustang Ranch NV.
New Hampshire-The Milford NH convention is the only one in New England. The Burgess brothers, Horace and Weldon, were from NH.
New Jersey-Nearest convention-Quakertown PA. Few friends in the North East US including New Jersey.
New Mexico-A Spanish speaking convention is held at Edgewood NM. Jim Price is the current overseer replacing Lyle Schober. Albequerque convention shut down by the government in the 1990s.
New York-Charles Steffen country. Sherman Farrar and George Walker were overseers here before the 1980s. Charlie Hughes spent many years here. Convention at Altamont NY was unable to provide food and lodging for the friends due to health and safety hazards (2000). Tommy Gamble was here in the 1980s/1990s.
North Carolina-Taylor Wood labors here along with Slade Blend, Luther Nussbaum, Kenion Coleman Louise Woods, Al Goff, Leslie Pulley and other workers. Conventions held at Cid and Shelby. Martyne Weller died in 2002 at age 98. Famous professing families include the Colemans and Woods. Young Coleman was born in NC. Willie Kleffman was head worker here after WW II.
North Dakota-Gilbert Ricter is overseer of North Dakota. Steven Blubaugh opposes divorce-remarriage. In November 2002, a newspaper article about 2 sister workers was printed in the Fargo paper referring to the Truth as a "quiet faith".
Ohio-Irving Ross is the current overseer of Ohio. Former overseers include Andrew Abernathy, Earle Newmiller, Hubert Childers, Leonard Hawkes and Weldon Burgess. Conventions are no longer held at Eaton and Clyde OH. Eaton OH convention burned to the ground during the 1980s. Howard Nussbaum's funeral was held in Wooster OH.Dennis Falb is from Wooster OH and currently in that area as of 2003.
Oklahoma. George Peterson is the overseer. Roy Dietzel died in Oklahoma last year. The owner of the TTT site resides in Oklahoma. A professing lady murdered her husband in Oklahoma before attending Wednesday night meeting.A professing owned nursing home, known as Rosebud in Guthrie OK, is home for several resting workers including James Walden, Don Karnes and Berlin Raymond.
Oregon-Howard Mooney was overseer here for many years. Ralph Sines was overseer for a brief time before Harold Bennett became overseer. Conventions are held in Boring and Saginaw. Harold Bennett is the current overseer. Friends tend to be more relaxed on dress and entertainment. Divorce and remarriage will lead to temporary suspension of taking part in meetings. Like neighboring Washington, the truth has experienced more publicity from the media here. More friends in the Northwest are aware of exit letters, Secret Sect book and internet sites than anywhere in the world. Jack Carroll pioneered the truth in the northwest US circa 1907.
Pennsylvania- This state saw the first "servants of God" land in North America in 1903. George Walker, William Irvine and Irvine Weir first set foot in Pennsylvania in 1903. Clinton Goff and Murhl Howland were head workers here in the 80s and 90s. Ida Hawkins professed in George Walker's meetings around 1904. Inez London preached to the coal mining towns before WW I. Jim Beacom and Andrew Abernathy labored in this state before World War II. Today conventions are held in Quakertown and Newry. Albert Knaggs is the overseer. Few workers and friends are in PA today. George Walker is buried in Pennsylvania. Dan Helenek and Tom Clarke labored in PA during the 1980s and 1990s.
Rhode Island-Leonard Hawkes was in the nursing home here as of 2001.
South Carolina- Milas Crapps was overseer of this state for many years. Clinton Goff spoke out against sending notes by E Mail at the 2000 Traveler's Rest Special Meeting. Professing WW II veterans gather here in 1995 at the Hilton in Charleston and exchange war stories. Murhl Howland and Robert Johnson chaired the 1995 veteran's meeting.
South Dakota-The friends here are a bit more relaxed than in other areas of the Midwest. Joe Hobbs is the current overseer. Freddie Bryanton was overseer here in the 1980s.Leslie Olsen would have been head worker in the 1970s and 1980s.Worker Doyle Copeland wrote a letter asking to be moved to a different state because of the liberal stance that the workers there took on divorce and remarriage.
Tennessee-Willie Cleleland brought Truth to TN in early 1900s. Current overseer is Dennis Kinnan. Howard Nussbaum died in 2002 and was buried in Wooster OH. Previous overseers were Peter Hunter,Sam McCracken, Sherman Farrar, Taylor Wood and Frank Porter. The state has 2 conventions-Knoxville and Paris. In the 1950s, Tennessee had a convention at Chattanooga. Arnold Brown and Agnes Kinsey died in 2000. The future of the Paris TN grounds in uncertain (one planned for 2003). Wilbur Torrence and Archie Holcomb spent much of the 1970s and 1980s in western TN.
Texas-Ira Hobbs is current overseer. Conventions are held at Happy, . Convention dates have been moved to October. At Georgetown TX the crowd sings the grace before leaving and meals are served buffet style. A newspaper in TX wrote an article about the 1992 Georgetown TX convention. William Lewis died in 2000. Lewis restored the ex-communicated ones (unable to take part in meeting due to divorce-remarriage) in Texas during his reign. Berlin Raymond, an Indian worker, labored in the Canyon TX field before he was sent to Willie Walker's nursing home in Guthrie OK.
Utah-Few workers are in this state today. Charles Middleswarth and Leslie Olsen were overseers here. Today, this state is under the guidance of Leslie White. State has only one convention at Riverton.
Vermont-Probably a few dozen at most profess in Vermont. Only one set of workers at most will cover this small state.
VirginiaState has 3 conventions . Sam McCracken is current overseer of this state. A racially segregated convention was held at Scrabble (now Boston) VA for many years. Today the Boston, VA convention has a large African-American population. At Ida Hawkin's funeral in Richmond, VA in 1978, George Walker mentions first arriving in Philadelphia in 1903 AD. An uprooted tree during a storm damaged a convention building at Pulaski convention in 2000. Women dress very conservative here. Women cutting their hair will not be allowed to take part in meetings. Young Coleman labored here during the 1960s and 1970s.
Washington-Many friends live in WA. Jack Carroll and Sydney Holt are buried near Milltown WA convention grounds. Malcolm Graham and Neils Jorgeson were head workers here before the 1960s. Tharold Sylvester was overseer here before Sydney Holt became overseer in the mid 1990s. Several ex-workers are no longer professing in this state. This state has a high number of professing people. The Walla Walla newspaper did an article about the convention grounds there in 1982.Sydney Holt died August 2002. Mark Huddle is the current head worker of Washington.
West Virginia-The first sister worker (Abbie Barton) to be die in North America in 1907 was buried in West Virginia. W Va. has few friends and workers. The state doesn't have a convention. Ohio & WVA workers are included on the same list. Al and Clinton Goff are from WVA.Few friends and small meetings are found in WVA.
Wisconsin-This state has produced many workers in recent years. Friends are very strict in the rural areas. Nichol Jardine was overseer here for many years. Charles Thain is current overseer. Sam Charlton was once overseer of this state. Harry Johnson labored in Wisconsin for many years as did Murray Keene. The Topinka family has produced several workers in this state. Glenn and Richard Gasser are in the work. Rachel Gasser labors in Germany. Other large professing families include the Accolas and Basemans.
Wyoming-During the 1970s, Freddie Bryanton was head worker here. In the 1980s ,Tom Clarke was the state overseer. From 1995 until 2001, Jack Price was head worker over Wyoming and Montana.Dean Bruere now has oversight over WY. A sister worker in the early 1990s was robbed and killed in a professing home while the friends were away from home. There has been a convention at Chugwater for many years. Kenneth, Leroy and Lorraine Lerwick are from Wyoming. After Jack Price became head worker of Montana, Wyoming workers are included on the Montana list.

Conventions in USA


*-Fosters (Tuscaloosa County) Terry and Becky Phillips Farm





*-Casa GrandeRentiera Farm


*Rogers (Benton County)


Mountain RanchWarren and Sue Wainwright farm.

SanteeChuck Grant

Buttonwillow Milne Stearns Farm


Hotchkiss (Delta County)

Elizabeth (Elbert County)


*-Apopka (Orange County) Dennis Klepzig Farm


Metter (Candler County)Willie Harold Thain farm

Demorest (Habersham County) Tom Canup Farm


*Honolulu (Honolulu County)Public Building


Bonner's Ferry (Boundary County),

Parma (Canyon County)

Post Falls (Kootenai County)


.Seneca (Lasalle-Grundy County line) Delbert Fisk Farm. Nettle Creek Road.

Brownstown (Fayette) Mrs. Briggs. RR 2 Brownstown IL

Mt. Sterling (Brown County) Jim Aller farm. RR4


-Shoals (Martin County) Chappell Phillips Farm Red School Rd. Shoals

Mccordsville (Hancock County) Mrs. Harvey Helms Farm N 500 W McCordsville IN


- Malcom (Poweshiek)-Richard Swanson Farm

Boyden (Sioux)-John Beyers Farm


Maryville (Marshall County)Marshall Grifee Farm

Independence (Montgomery County) Melvin Olsen Farm

Bird City (Cheyenne County)Albert Gilliland Farm


Salvisa (Anderson-Mercer CO Line) Rom McMaine Farm. Hawkins Lane Salvisa KY

Madisonville (Hopkins County)-Douglas Hawkins Farm. Hawkins Lane, Madisonville.


*Effie (Avoyelles Parish)- Ms. Kirby Franks Farm.


Alma(Gratiot) Mark Lambeth Farm. N. Alger Rd., Alma MI

Carsonville (Sindilac County)James Klaty Farm Snover Rd., Carsonville MI.

Vanderbilt (Otsego County) Dale Hannan Farm. W. Sturgeon Valley Road Vanderbilt MI


Hector (Renville County)

Eagle Bend (Todd County)Hansen Farm


*Jackson-Carl and Linda Berry Farm


Clever (Christian County)

Blackwater (Saline County)


Manhattan (Gallatin-Jefferson County line),

Dagmar (Sheridan County)

Devon (Toole County)


Antioch (Sheridan County)Ed Jesse Ranch

York (York County)Duane Grotz


*Milford (Hillsborough County)-Chappell Farm


* Edgewood (Santa Fe-Torrence County line)-Carroll Bassett Farm


-Freedom(Cattaraugas-Allegheny County line) McSparrow Farm.

Altamont (Albany County) Knaggs Farm.


-Shelby (Cleveland County)

Denton/Cid (Davidson County)


Hunter (Cass County) Mark Richtsmeier Farm

Mandan (Morton County)


Sharon (Noble County) -C. Gross, Morris Lane, Caldwell OH

Yellow Springs (Greene County) Owner-Ed White Rt. 370


Perry (Noble County) Mrs.Buchanan Farm

Bradley (Grady County)


Saginaw (Lane County)

Boring (Clackamas County)Dennis and Zo Rumsey Farm


Newry (Blair County) George Sinisko Farm Turek Drive Newry PA

Quakertown (Bucks County) William Schweighofer Farm. Kumry Rd. Quakertown PA


*-Cassatt (Kershaw County)-Neil Ratcliff 1627 Ratcliff Lane Cassatt, SC 29032


Hermosa (Custer County)

Utica (Yankton County)


*Knoxville (Knox County)



Mountain Peak-Byron Potter farm



Texarkana James and Wanda Pickering farm.


*Riverton- Donovan Peterson Farm


Boston-David Gillis Farm.


Pulaski AJSmith Farm.


-Milltown Silvernails Farm


Walla Walla




Wisconsin Dells Curtiss Kreuger 3179 County Road Z WI Dells

MenomonieBoreen Farm



Cody Partial list of abandoned convention locations -Mustang Ranch NV, Bakersfield CA, Los Gatos CA, Payette ID, Powell WY, Geraldine MT, Hayden Lake ID, Moscow ID, Dalton Gardens ID, Paris TN, Gleason TN,Gilroy CA, Lancaster KY,Grayling MI, Roanoke VA, Cando ND, Orick CA, Chelsea OK, Albuquerque NM, Doylestown PA, Chicago IL,Silverdale CA, Ronan MT, Sunshine MI, Rogerville MI, Jameson MO, Petersburg NB, Canby OR, Aurora OR, Portland OR, Roy OR, Pittsburg PA, Salem OR, Randolph AZ, Ocala FL, Ponchatoula LA, Baltimore MD, Chattanooga TN, Bybee KY, Perryville KY, Doylestown PA, Clyde OH, Lexington KY, Eaton OH, Wooster OH, Idaho Falls ID and Morrow OH,Winterville GA, West Point NE, Burlington IA, Conway IA, Arispe, Corydon IA and Knoxville IA. More to come as list gets longer!!

2003 US conventions dates

April 2003 24-27 Casa Grande, AZ USA

May 2003 1-4 Buttonwillow #1, CA USA 1-4 Santee #1, CA USA 8-11 Buttonwillow #2, CA USA 8-11 Santee #2, CA USA 15-18 Mountain Ranch #1, CA USA 22-25 Juneau, AK USA 22-25 Mountain Ranch #2, CA USA 29-6/1 Bonners Ferry, ID USA 29-6/1 Chelan, WA USA 29-6/1 Walla Walla, WA USA

June 2003 5-8 Hotchkiss, CO USA 5-8 Post Falls, ID USA 5-8 Antioch, NE USA a 12-15 Parma, ID USA 12-15 Dagmar, MT USA 12-15 Riverton, UT USA 12-15 Chugwater, WY USA 19-22 Elizabeth #1, CO USA 19-22 Devon, MT USA 19-22 Manhattan #1, MT USA 19-22 Cody, WY USA 26-29 Wasilla, AK USA 26-29 Elizabeth #2, CO USA 26-29 Manhattan #2, MT USA

July 2003 17-20 Happy, TX USA 18-20 Edgewood (Span.), NM USA 24-27 Edgewood, NM USA 31-8/3 Milford, NH USA

August 2003 7-10 Seneca, IL USA 7-10 Freedom, NY USA 7-10 Quakertown, PA USA 7-10 Milltown #1, WA USA 7-10 Olympia #1, WA USA 14-17 Shoals, IN USA 14-17 Altamont, NY USA 14-17 Yellow Springs, OH USA 14-17 Saginaw #1, OR USA 14-17 Downings, VA USA 14-17 Milltown #2, WA USA 14-17 Olympia #2, WA USA 21-24 Brownstown, IL USA 21-24 Salvisa, KY USA 21-24 Vanderbilt, MI USA 21-24 Sharon, OH USA 21-24 Boring #1, OR USA 21-24 Saginaw #2, OR USA 21-24 Newry, PA USA 22-24 Boston, VA USA 28-31 Malcom, IA USA 28-31 Mt Sterling, IL USA 28-31 McCordsville, IN USA 28-31 Carsonville, MI USA 28-31 Boring #2, OR USA 28-31 Pulaski, VA USA

September 2003 4-7 Rogers, AR USA 4-7 Madisonville, KY USA 4-7 Alma, MI USA 4-7 Denton, NC USA 4-7 York, NE USA 11-14 Boyden, IA USA 11-14 Marysville, KS USA 11-14 Hector, MN USA 11-14 Clever, MO USA 11-14 Cassatt, SC USA 11-14 Wisconsin Dells, WI USA 18-21 Demorest, GA USA 18-21 Shelby, NC USA 18-21 Hunter, ND USA 18-21 Utica, SD USA 18-21 Marion, WI USA 25-28 Metter, GA USA 25-28 Bird City, KS USA 25-28 Blackwater, MO USA 25-28 Knoxville, TN USA 25-28 Menomonie, WI USA

October 2003 2-5 Fosters, AL USA 2-5 Apopka, FL USA 2-5 Independence, KS USA 2-5 Eagle Bend #1, MN USA 2-5 Mandan, ND USA 9-12 Eagle Bend #2, MN USA 9-12 Paris, TN USA 9-12 Texarkana, TX USA 16-19 Jackson, MS USA 16-19 Bradley, OK USA 16-19 Georgetown, TX USA 23-26 Effie, LA USA 23-26 Perry, OK USA 23-26 Mountain Peak, TX USA

November 2003 27-30 Honolulu, HI USA

December 2003 7 La Plata Puerto Rico


*Friends of Truth site! Written by professing people!
*Nates TRUTH history tracing Truth back to days of Jesus in AD 30.
*WEBSITE ABOUT WEST COAST US OVERSEER ELDON TENNISWOOD. Young people's meeting and elder's meeting. Eldon T. replaced Willie Jamieson in 1974.