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Before we could begin to heal,
We had to learn to live...
Live with the pain, the emptiness,
the self-doubt, the humiliation...

This is a mountainous task for a child,
and yet, it doesn't become easier with age.
The unending question...
"What did I do to deserve this?"

Being a victim of Abuse - in any form...
is a tremendous burden
for anyone to assume.
It follows you...
throughout your walk through life.

The need to bring that secret
into the open...
Only to be rebuked,
as if it didn't exist or you are at fault.

The quest for answers,
-to unanswerable events-
becomes a burden
almost engulfing your spirit.

Yet, we have survived...
We learned...

To love ourselves,
when those we trusted did not.

To tust,
those that were truly there for us.

To forgive,
those that we turned to for help, who wouldn't see.

To believe,
that God did not abandon us.

To strive,
in our life, to stamp out this blight.

To be there
for those,
"Who have been there"!

"I Guess You Had To Be There"

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