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There's a Lil Girl Inside

 There's a lil girl in side, Wanting to get out. She's so tired of the tears, So tired of the fears, And so tired of the pain.  Why can't it all just go away?  She feels so trapped inside.  Screaming and feeling the need to get out.  She feels so helpless inside.  The pain of the memories tears her heart out.

She's been holding it all in for so many years.  Is it possible someone will hear?  The tears, the fears, and all the pain.  She's trying to let out. But not sure how.  Isn't it safer to keep on holding it all in?  Like she has been doing for all these years?

How come now she feels the need to release all these feelings?  Why can't she just go on living?  With the tears, with the fears, and with the pain?  Why now the tears does she cry.  Why now the pain does she feel?   Is it because that lil girl is dying inside?

Why can't she go on crying the tears?  Why can't she go on feeling the pain?  And why can't she go on living with the shame?  Why must she need to be released from all these things?  Because this lil girl is dying inside.

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