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Hi there, Welcome to
Its Ok to Tell Now!
My name is Tammy and I'm glad you
took the time to stop by.

Let me start off by telling you a little about my page, "Its Ok to Tell Now!".  I made this page to help people be more aware of the Sexual Child Abuse that is going on all around us.  Right now somewhere in this world we live in, a Child is being sexually abused.  You may be surprised to learn that most children that are being sexually abused, is being abused by someone they know.   It may even be someone you know and would trust!  You would never think this person you trust so much could do something like this to a child.  Well I'm here to tell you that this act is a vicious crime and it is going on everywhere!  You never know who might be doing this!  We need to learn what the signs are that children give us when they are being abused and trying to tell us this is happening to them.  We need to listen to them!  We need to teach our children that they can say NO! And let them know that it IS Ok to Tell Now!  Let them know we are here to help them.   Its a lonely world for a child that feels helpless.  We have to band together and help STOP this vicious cycle of abuse now!

On my page you are going to find many different things about Sexual Abuse, and how it affects us as children and as adults.  I have put together a few very helpful pages on how you can help yourself or someone you may know that has been abused in some way.  These pages contain information on how we may be feeling and what we may be going through.  And how you may be able to help us or yourself on these issues.  So please take the time to read these pages.  You may want to read the pages together and talk about it as you read them.  I found this to be very helpful for my husband and I.  It helped us understand my feelings a little better.  And to help understand why I am the way I am sometimes.  And what I'm going through as a survivor of Sexual Child Abuse.  You will find on my page I tell my own story about the sexual abuse I went through as a child.  So please take the time to read my story and the helpful pages I have put together.  Visit some of the wonderful links I have to offer on my "Helpful Link" page.  There you will find some links for other pages on other kinds of abuse, such as Domestic Violence, Rape, Verbal Abuse, and Sexual Abuse.

I must warn, some of you may not be able to handle reading my story about the sexual abuse I went through as a young child!  I wrote my story to help myself and hopefully to help others in dealing with their own past or someone they know that may have been through this as well!

Please don't forget when you are done visiting my page to please sign my guestbook.  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Also if anyone needs help or needs someone to talk to please email me!  I promise you that what you say to me, I would never disclose to anyone, ever!

Thank you!

and take a look at these missing children!

If you know about a child who is in immediate risk or danger, call your local police. If you have any information on a missing child,
call 1-800-THE-LOST. Or Report A Sighting.

Amber Alert

"Together We Make a Difference!"

Child help National Child Abuse Hotline:

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What's in the mind of a Child Molester?

Adult Survivors
Of Sexual Abuse

Facts about Sexual Abuse and Suicide

Survivor's Bill
Of Rights

Growth Stages for Incest Survivors

Helpful Facts about Depressive Illnesses


Self-Defense Class

Helpful Links

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Listed below are the names of two books that both my husband and I have read.  All though they are meant more for spouses of Adults that have been Sexually Abused.  I have found them to be very helpful in understanding some of my own feelings I have gone through in the past, and am STILL going through right now.   I do hope you find the books to be very helpful.

The first book is called:
"Outgrowing the Pain Together"
By: ELiana Gil, Ph.D.

This book is for spouses and partners of
Adults Abuse as Children.

The second book is called:
"Allies in Healing"
By: Laura Davis

When the person you love was
Sexually Abuse as a Child.

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