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Team Vehicle

Crew: 6
Length: 21.366m
Width: 4.572m
Height: 3.658m
Ground Clearance: .25m
Turning Radius: 11.582m
Maximum Road Speed: 68kph
Water Speed: 10kph
Gradient: 50%
Verticle Obstacle: .5m
Trench: .5m
Armor Class: 1100

The Scientific One vehicles are mobile laboratories on wheels and tracks. The front tractor is detachable and can leave the trailers behind as it explores on it's own. Both the tractor and trailer have their own fusion power source.

Designed primarily for scientific exploration, the vehicles are not, at first glance, armed. All the external weapon systems are retractable into housings on the outside of the vehicle.

The mounted weapon systems consist of the following; Twin M85C .50 caliber MGs in turrets on the tractor top, 1 Mk3 Laser mounted on the tractor top, two side mounted Stoner M207 .30 caliber MGs on the tractor, and 7 Claymore mines around the sides. The Trailer has a retractable missile launcher with two Sidewinder heat seeking missiles, as well as two side turrets, each holding an M207 machinegun. Both the tractor and trailer have retractable gas jets that can fire CS, CN-DM, BZ gas, or white smoke, covering the vehicle for a twenty meter radius. There are ten charges of each.

The weapons are primarily fired from the driver's and commander's positions using the autonav/targeting computer system. The trailer also has one of these systems for use when detached. The weapons may also be fired from any terminal as a back-up system. The guns (trailer only) may be manually fired by crawling into the storage deck.

There is also a small towed trailer holding a 6-wheeled ATV and a dismantled Airscout gyrocopter. There is a Mk 2 HAAM Suit in the main trailer, as well as the following supplies:

2 Portable Fusion Packs
4 Starlight Scopes
10 AN/TVS Binoculars
6 Cold Kits
6 Mountain Kits
6 Ration Packs
6 Trade Packs
6 Spare Basic Equipment Loads

Small Arms
1 Atchisson
1 High Standard M10A
1 M16A1 with M203 Grenade Launcher
2 complete Stoner Weapon Systems
3 Ingram M10s
4 HP-35 9mm Pistols
1 M-60 Machinegun
1 M174A3 Grenade Launcher
1 M47 Dragon w/3 Missiles
1 Stinger w/3 Missiles
6 HAFLA 35Ls

2 cases 9X19mm
4 cases 5.56X45mm
2 cases 12 guage 00 buckshot
4 cases 5.45X45mm linked
2 cases 7.62mm linked
8 cases 12.7X99mm linked
1 case 40mm M433 HEDP
1 case 40mm M651 CS
1 case 40mm M583 Stunbag
1 case AN-M8 HC
1 case M7A3 CS
1 case AN-M14 TH3
1 case Mk1 Illuminating
1 case M6 CN-DM
1 case M9A1 BZ
1 case Mk3A2
1 case M7 Blasting Caps
1 case M700 Fuse
1 case M2A1 Detonators
1 case M1 Timers
2 cases M26A1 Fragmentation
2 cases M34 White Phosphorous
2 cases M112 C-4
2 cases M183 Demolition Charges
2 cases Primercord
2 cases M60 Igniters

Mainframe Computer
Computer: Precision® Workstation 620 Pentium® III Xeon processor,1.5B GHz
2nd Processor: Pentium® III Xeon processor, 1.5B GHz
Memory: 2GB PC800 ECC RDRAM® (8RIMMS™)
Monitors: 21" 19.85" vis) UltraScan P1110 Monitors
Graphics Card: 3Dlabs® Wildcat 4110® Pro (128MB)
1st Hard Drive: 73GB Ultra 160/M SCSI (10,000 rpm) 1.6"
Floppy Drive: 3.5" 1.44MB Floppy Drive and Superdrive
Primary Operating System: Linux
2nd Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional
CD ROM, DVD and Read-Write Drives: 16X DVD withDecodeSolution & 12X/8X/32X CD Read-Write(for GeForce2 or G450)
Sound Card: Soundblaster Live! Value audio card
Speakers: Altec Lansing® ACS340 Speakers
2nd Hard Drive: 73GB Ultra 160/M SCSI (10,000 rpm) 1.6"
RAID: RAID 10 Striping & Redundancy with 4 SCSI Hard Drives
3nd Hard Drive: 73GB Ultra 160/M SCSI (10,000 rpm) 1.6" Internal Zip Drive: IOMEGA Zip, 250MB, PWS]
4th Hard Drive: 18GB Ultra 160/M SCSI (15,000 rpm)
Printers: HP LaserJet 5000
Graphics Plus: 3Dlabs® Wildcat 4210® Pro (128)
IEEE 1394 Controller: 1394 Controller Card