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Height: 2.134m
Width: 1.219m
Weight: 907kg
Armor Class: 620

The HAAM Suit (Hydraulically Assisted Armored Man) was originally designed to allow an individual to do work that would otherwise call for heavy equipment. This suit is the Project's answer to a bulldozer, crane, and forklift. This, the second model of the suit, is powered by magnetohydrodynamic flexion of the joints as compared to the original model's use of hydraulics. Positive feedback to the operator is used in the suit so that it is limited in it's strength and simply multiplies the user's strength 25 times.
The suit has an air recycling system and can remain sealed for up to 24 hours, can work underwater down to a depth of 350 meters, is vacuum-proof, can resist temperatures of up to 2,000*C for one hour, has built-in infrared vision, and an automatic vision protection screen for the user.

There is a Mk1 laser mounted in the left arm of the suit which can be operated from inside. The suit's radio system is also tied into the computer system. In the case of something happening to the operator, a MARS or Scientific computer can control the suit and have it return to the vehicle regardless of the state of the operator.

With the power cut off the suit will absolutely not move and all the operator can do is climb out of the top. There is an operator's harness inside the suit that has to be adjusted to the individual. This adjustment takes 30 minutes to do properly. An untrained operator loses 75% of their dexterity when they attempt to use the suit. A trained operator only loses 25% of their dexterity.

There is a special 20mm automatic rifle designed for use with the suit. It has a 20 round magazine and is selective fire. The ammunition used is the same as that used in the Rh 202 cannon. The weapon also has the same characteristics as the Rh 202.