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A Self Evaluation Quiz Available for Download
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Are YOU Psychic? 

This quiz is a private exploration into your
psychic symptoms

[PSYCHIC SYMPTOMS = indications that suggest you may be
naturally intuitive/sensitive to extra sensory perceptions




A Self Evaluation Quiz

Composed (entirely) By ....
Natural Psychic & Medium Vickiveil

 Have you ever felt that YOU may have some level of psychic ability?
Did YOU fail the psychic tests online ... you know the ones...
"Tell us if the next card is a star, circle or square" types?
I have myself ... but on the same day as I played that online guessing game...
I have located missing people & pets at a success rate of over 70% since 1996...

Are you tired of researching YOUR ability - using information from books, websites and lectures
 that is totally generic in content and does not address YOUR symptoms?

Have you been reluctant to sign up for a high price "intuitive development course"?

Is sitting amongst a bunch of strangers discussing something so personal as
your psychic experiences ... definitely NOT your style?

Do you want to increase your ability in a SAFE manner? 

Well then, here is YOUR solution!


The Are YOU Psychic Self Evaluation is a series of over 70 questions ...that you answer with yes & no responses.
At the end of the (easy to understand) quiz...tally your responses to find out
1. IF you are psychic and to what level
2. Where are your strongest abilities?
(Maybe you are clairvoyant...perhaps you are clairaudient ...or possibly BOTH!)

There are various means of psychic ability and this quiz will address all of them. 

Not only will you find out if you possess an enhanced psychic ability -
the evaluation goes on to share some tips on what to do with your level of ability!
And all in the privacy of your home and on your own time!


A Self Evaluation Quiz


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Self Evaluation Quiz

 phone session time with Vickiveil 

This purchase will include the downloadable copy of the quiz with the option of 30-60 or 90 minutes
of telephone time with Vickiveil. During the phone session we will discuss your score from the quiz and 
what is next for you.
I will take a look to see where did your ability stem from? 
(Spontaneous emergence, trauma induced, inherited, natural born abilities...etc)

I will give you exercises to do with others or on your own. I suggest websites, books, and even TV shows & movies that
could help your intuition to grow or to help you better understand your ability. 

I do offer a mentor & development program that is one on one and via telephone if you
feel you want to go that route and we will discuss it at your request. 

I will answer & address any questions you have about specific events that may have occurred
far back in your childhood to current events that you feel may be linked to your psychic ability. 

Not everyone wants to become a professional psychic and there are those that do
want to utilize their ability into a career - be sure to let me know during your telephone time if you feel
you would like to make this a profession and I can certainly gives you some of the techniques I used in
making this my full time career over the past 20 years. 

Now...if your score suggests that there is little to no psychic ability - unfortunately, I am unable to 
teach someone how to "become psychic". And listen, I am not the big kahuna of psychics who makes the final 
decision if you are naturally psychic or not. Your score may be low and the quiz could suggest there is no ability
according to my knowledge & my comprehension. If you feel you have psychic ability...don't stop here
Continue your growth, research & investigation. I've always said that no psychic is going to be 100% 
accurate everyday and with everyone. My findings & approach should never burst anyone's bubble. 

We offer a 30. 60, or 90 minute phone time with the download of the quiz. 
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During the telephone time - we will discuss any questions you have associated
to your psychic ability and the evaluation ... ONLY.
This is not a general reading or pet reading. 


Just as every person is different - so is everyone's psychic ability.... 
but I've also noticed many common denominators that natural psychics share. 
From chronic pain to ear ringing & recurring ear infections...
to being a night owl or an early bird. 
Feeling uncomfortable in crowds...even when that circle of people...
includes your own family.

Sometimes it is just nice to be able to speak to someone who has experienced 
some of the same symptoms you have. Lets face it, not everyone has apparent psychic ability
and its not a topic you can just chat about surrounding the water cooler on Monday mornings. 
ESPECIALLY if you are having psychic symptoms. 

When all of the psychic stuff started for me 
(a psychic told me that she could see very strong ability with me)
I didn't believe her! 
I thought psychics could just close their eyes and see addresses, phone numbers and middle names!
I didn't understand empathic abilities! And I had no clue that when I "thought" something
about a person - it was an incoming message!!! 

My entire life I had been psychic (or as far back as I could remember). 
But when I would tug at my mothers shirt to exclaim "MOM mom HEY MOM...they are lying!" 
I thought I was being a brat! When I would meet someone new and hear a name as soon
as they said their own...I didn't realize the name belonged to their child, their spouse or their middle name! 

When I would warn my friends and family members not to trust someone ... 
or to prepare for an outcome to a situation...Once again ... 
I thought I simply had common sense OR I was butting in.
I figured - everyone did this! 

And it was only after months & months of research about psychic ability that
I realized....some of the headaches, nausea, and mood swings I was having 
was my empathic abilities! That I was picking up on other peoples emotions & ailments. 

Probably the most severe display of my abilities was when I was 8 years old. My mother was pregnant. 
She was at the end of her 3rd bad marriage. My stepfather had left my 7 month pregnant ill mother & myself in St Louis Missouri with no money
and no way back to Cincinnati. Once back to Ohio - my mother went to the hospital to have the baby. I stayed with my aunt while mom 
was in the hospital. It was the aunt who was the matriarch of the family. Everyone visited Aunt Edna's house constantly. 

A few days after my arrival, my aunt came home after a visit with my mom at the hospital to tell me the bad news...
my "baby brother had died". She explained my mom was very ill and almost died herself. It was probably
all the upset from the stepdad leaving her in the midst of the difficult pregnancy. She told me how sorry she
was ... I had really been waiting on that baby :( What 8 year old girl wouldn't? Right?

The rest of the time I spent at Aunt Edna's ... various family members came in and out of my aunts home 
 This was the 60's so moms spent anywhere from 3 to 10 days with a pregnancy. 
As the rest of my family filtered thru my aunts house over the next few days
 - they asked me in various ways if I had heard about "the baby". 

I would say Oh yes - my mom had a little girl and they would be home Saturday.
Looking back...I can ONLY imagine the family conversations during this time period :)

Once my mom was home and I was back in school - teachers, neighbors, people who worked along
the "avenue" of the little community we lived in asked how the baby and mom was. 
You see, my mom was a waitress at a very busy restaurant in the town... and I had a large family ...
we all lived within a few blocks of each other...everyone knew everyone and they certainly knew us. 

Remember it was the late 60's and most men didn't abandon their pregnant wives in another state. 
So we stuck out like sore thumbs already. 

Whenever I was asked, I told everyone that I had a sister!
My gym teacher was the first to find out that "the baby BOY had died" and he didn't hesitate to 
call my mom to let her know, the story I was telling about my baby sister. 

I still remember coming home from school that day...
 mom was waiting on me and I knew she was mad. I got in trouble for lying about the baby. 
She asked why I had lied...and I had no reason to give her. Even inside my own head...
I didn't know why I kept telling people this each and every time I would tell the baby sister story! 

Even at 8 years old - I realized I was lying and that sooner or later, I was going to be in big trouble!!
But the words "mom is fine and I have a baby sister"
almost rolled out of my mouth like vomit!

It was not until I was 32 and my mom had already died when the family secret came out ... 
my mother had adopted the baby to one of our family members who was unable 
to conceive! She realized she couldn't raise another child properly. She was already struggling with me. 
She had made the decision before going to the hospital that she would adopt the baby girl and that
she would not explain the situation to me. 

I'm sure you are wondering how I found out - it was a slip by a cousin one night as we were watching
old family movies and I mentioned how much my "cousin" Kimmy looked like our family. Kimmy and
I had both been told that she was adopted thru an agency. And how my family ever kept that secret
for all those years, I'll never know. I had relatives who knew about the secret when they were only 
9 and 10 years old! And somehow - no one ever let it slip to either of us for all those years! 

And to this day - there are times when I have that same feeling I had as an 8 year old girl...
I literally open my mouth and information vomits. 

Words, sentences...predictions just roll out of my mouth and its like I can't stop it. 
Definitely...a psychic symptom I could live without! LOL :) 
I can hear and feel the words or information being spewed - but I literally cannot stop it. 

So - if you decide to include the telephone time with me after your test...
I'll look back over your life to see if you had events such as mine to suggest the presence of ability in your youth...
I will answer questions for you regarding events that happened with you ... 
You may want to ask from where did your abilities stem? Some people inherit their intuition...others
have a spontaneous emergence. There are many ways for a natural psychic ability to occur. 

Perhaps your question is...now what? What do you
do now... now that you are certain your "hunches" are more than ... a hunch? 

Be sure to write your questions for me down on a piece of paper and leave a space in between (to take notes). 
I'll provide you with anything that can assist you in moving forward in the development
of your intuition (books, websites, lectures, even movies & TV shows that have helped me in the past) 

I will also provide you with various exercises & ESP games to play with others or on your own. 
Again...things that I personally used thru the years to help enhance & understand my intuition. 

And most of all, I will provide you with safety measures regarding your intuition. 
I truly believe that I suffer with chronic pain due to some of the mistakes I made
regarding my empathic and psychic abilities. Safety is one of my biggest concerns 
for other naturally psychic people. 

This is not the reading to purchase if you have questions outside of your intuition.
No general questions about love, career, etc...no pet readings. 

Just your intuition :) 

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