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Welcome to the Official Website of
My Pet Psychic! 

offering animal communication & a psychic connection
for your pet via telephone & email 

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We are sorry but we no longer accept credit cards thru the office nor do we take
checks via mail. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.

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(session runs approximately 40-60 minutes)

2 PETS BY PHONE   $225.00 
(sesions runs approximately 60-90 minutes)



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Psychic Services for People & Pets

OFFICE PHONE 513.202.1426

Vicki provided the readings for the horses of the 2003 Kentucky Derby
in the Lexington Herald Press
The official newspaper for the Kentucky Derby

Heard on Liz & Carson * Waves of the New Age * Angel Waves Radio 
As seen in CINCINNATI MAGAZINE    *    Featured in STAR MAGAZINE 



Potential health concerns of the past & upcoming  *  What is your pet thinking?  *  Is your pet happy?  *  Likes & Dislikes  * Connect to Deceased Pets

Dealing with end of life issues  *  Whatever happened to your missing pet?  *  Do you have a past life connection to the pet?  *  The root of behavior problems

How to solve behavior problems  *  Their whereabouts before joining your family  *  Remote Energy Work provided for behavior problems & with missing pets


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1. Decide which reading is best for you ... 

2. Jot down the questions that you have about the pet(s) 

3. Email
a photo of the pet(s) to 
( it does not matter how new or old the photo is)

(please use the email link above when sending your photo OR place Pending Pet Reading in the 
subject box of your email to us. This will alert the staff that the email contains a picture for an upcoming reading and we won't delete your email)

4. Purchase your reading 
(we prefer Paypal but you may also pay directly thru our office if using Visa or Master Card.)

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Last Steps

For the Phone Session
contact the office between 11AM - 8PM eastern standard time 513.202.1426
No appointment is necessary for phone sessions. More on the No Appointment method click here. 

For the Email Reading
We will contact you by email to ask for your questions once we receive the payment confirmation email from Paypal or notification that you have paid thru the office. 



Thru the years I've been asked a million times "what is the best way to do my reading - email or telephone?". This definitely depends on your needs. The best thing about the telephone reading for your pet is that you have me right there in case a question pops up from the information that has come thru in the reading. You are not limited to 3 questions with the phone session. 

During the first part of your pet reading I will share any details and information that I pick up from your pet. I also remain open so that any communication your pet shares with me I pass it on to you. We will then move on to your specific questions and concerns. 

The normal pet & pet owner requires about 20-30 minutes of time for a reading. If there are behavior issues or more than 1 pet to be read you may want to order 30 - 60 minutes of time. 

UPON PURCHASE - you are responsible to phone the office between 11AM and 8PM Eastern Standard Time - Vicki is available a minimum of 3 to 4 days per week (some weekends too) for phone readings. 
When you call in just let the operator know that you have prepaid using Paypal for a pet reading. We will need the email address you used via Paypal to purchase your reading. Once we receive the Paypal confirmation email, we will send you an email from our office acknowledging your Paypal payment. 




Thru the years I've been asked a million times "what is the best way to do my reading - email or telephone?". This definitely depends on your needs. I think the email reading is great because you can keep the reading forever. This will allow you to refer back to the reading to recall what came thru for as long as you keep the email.

The email reading is also great if you are on a different time zone than Eastern Standard and you just cannot find the right time to phone the office for a pet reading. I have clients from all over the world. One way we have beat any language barrier is the email reading. With all the online language translators - you can easily translate English to Spanish, Italian, Farsi, and so on. 

The first part of your Pet Reading by Email I will share any information that I pick up about the pet. During this portion, I also remain open to receive any communication from the pet to pass on to you. I never know what will come thru at this point. Very often pets tell me about their day to day life, special places they have visited - special people in their life, or even about their previous owners. 

The first part of information normally prints out to about a page and 1/2 - then we move on to the 2nd half of the reading which is your questions. You may ask up to 3 specific questions that you have about your pet. 



Hi there!

This is Vicki
and I wanted to thank you for stopping by my web page
that is devoted entirely to my work of communication with pets & animals.

I think the number one question I receive most often about my animal communication is "how do you do this?"

There is not any one special scenario I go thru before my connection.
Every animal is just as different as their owners.

But…I assure you …
I don't meditate for 2 hours, crossed legged on the floor.
I don't go into any type of trance
(although I do take on a very strong focus - it is by no means trance-like),
and I don't call on any form of animal spirit guides
to launch my conversation with your pet.

I am sorry to disappoint …but
there just isn't anything mysterious or mystical going on…

My eyes don’t roll to the back of my head …
I don’t moan - I don’t speak in a different language…

The very moment that I look at your pets’ picture and/or write their name,
information begins to run thru my head.

It may be only a few descriptive words
(mommy, dad, brothers, new house, sad, missing etc.)
It may be entire conversations
(hi Miss Vicki! I just got back from a trip! There were palm trees and big crunchy bugs. Three people went with us and we drove in a red car!)

Very often in combination with the audio conversation that I receive, I will also begin to take on emotions….meaning that I will feel happy
or "I" will feel sad.

I am taking on the sentiments of the pet/animal.

If the pet is dealing with a health matter - let’s say he or she has been diagnosed or dealing with arthritis, then "I" will have a sense of arthritis in the area the pet has the pain.

Some animal communicators & pet psychics feel that their exchange with animals is telepathic. I agree to a certain point, but a total telepathic communication is communication without any type of sensory perceptions.

I cannot think of even one interaction I have had with a pet, where I have not personally taken on some attribute of the pet ... whether it is a fleeting emotion or physical ailment. I know this sounds very odd, but I think this is like what happened to Powder...
in the movie, Powder. I feel what the pet is feeling.

My job is to “take in” the feelings, the words, the visuals that the pet is passing me AND what I am picking up from the pet… and then put it all together to share with you what your pet is saying, thinking, needing, wanting.

I try to make it a habit to tell my pet owners ...
WHATEVER the pet is showing me before I start my decoding.

Why is this?
I have found when I start to interpret what I am seeing psychic-ally …
I can use my own frame of reference.

Basically, once I start my interpretation, I am also starting to “assume” what the signs & symbols mean.

Remember the Rorschach test?
(That’s the inkblot test psychologists/psychiatrists often use to
determine someone’s personality traits…with the inkblot test
 everyone is going to see something different.

One person may swear the inkblot resembles a spider and the next person says
no no no - it is an airplane! This is what happens once I begin the interpretation portion of your reading. Let me give you an example.

Your pet may show me a woman -
I hear the word TALL -
I can see that she has light colored hair -
I then hear the word SISTER …
The pet gives me the sense that he/she LIKES this person …
As this information comes in, I will tell you exactly how the information is coming thru…
then, I will interpret the words.

This is my interpretation
“Okay Fido has shown me a woman who is taller (I consider tall for a woman 5’6 and above). She must have hair that is blonde, gray or very very light brown. Fido likes this woman and it must be your sister or sister in law.

There are times when I simply do not connect to a pet.
If this happens – you won’t be charged for a reading.

There are many reasons why I may not connect to a pet.
Unfortunately pets who are left outside often…not really a part of the family…
don’t have much to say
L I have said for decades - there are pet owners and there are animal lovers. Not every pet owner is an animal lover.

Another one of the top reasons I end a pet reading is when the pet owner negates what the pet is telling me. If I have provided several statements that are true about your pet, but when I tell you what your pet is telling me ...
and you say
"oh no, he doesn't really like that swing in the backyard!"
"no he really didn't like the ducks from that pond"
however – you actually HAVE swings in the backyard…or a pond with ducks nearby…
I end the reading.
You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve had a pet owner do this.

I always say if there is an 80% plus accuracy with the details coming thru -
chances are very high that even though you
may not know that Fido or Muffin likes jerky, the mailman or his new mommy…
LIKES jerky, the mailman and their new mommy

We don’t always like what our children, family, friends or pets are thinking

Come to your pet reading with an open mind.

If you are getting a phone pet reading - take notes.
ESPECIALLY of the information, that does NOT make sense.

I think this is the best part of ANY psychic type reading …it’s such an amazing feeling when something is said in a reading that has not happened yet -
because the moment when it happens…should leave you with this amazing “wow, Vicki WAS right!” feeling.



The  ON THE SPOT  Telephone Readings

In 2004 clients were waiting up to 3 to 4 months to receive a reading with Vickiveil. This didn’t work for anyone. We eventually came up with the idea of the On The Spot reading. For any type of telephone session, you do not need an appointment.

If you have ordered a Telephone Reading – call the office between 1PM & 7PM Eastern Standard Time. If you receive the voice mail – hang up, wait 5 to 15 minutes and retry your call. Vicki may be in the office but on the other line with a reading.

If you have tried phoning in 3 or 4 times and no one has answered, please do NOT call another 10 times…no answer means that Vicki is not in the office on that day or the phone lines are very busy.

If you are not sure of the time difference between your location and Vicki’s locality – you may click on 
this link. The link takes you to a website that will let you know the current time for Vicki’s office.







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