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"Fate works in mysterious ways.
She used the guise of the Caretaker to bring us here, to make sure that the Starfleet and Maquis crews had to meld together.
And so Chakotay and I would meet.
What would I be without my experiences in this strange quadrant? What would I be without my First Officer, who is now so much more than just that, he's my anchor, my advice-giver, my friend? I'd be nothing, that's what.
But now we've found a wormhole, and we're in the Beta Quadrant, only five months away from Earth, and as excited as we all are about getting home, some of us can't help but wonder, 'What will Starfleet do about the Maquis?' 'Will we all be separated?' 'Given new assignments?' 'What will we do without each other?'
What will I do without Chakotay?
But fate works in mysterious ways.
She'll figure something out."

-Captain Janeway's Personal Log, Stardate 52763.24, From the story, "Fly's Eye View",available in the library!

The J/C Romance I see you've found your way to my J/C page, featuring my favourite couple on Star Trek: Voyager, Janeway and Chakotay. If you don't know who those people are, or what Voyager is, maybe you should go back here, and look for something else.
But some of you are still here! to read something in the library? There's lots here...and not just J/C, either. There's other Voyager fanfics, DS9, and Next Gen as well. Or perhaps you'd like to take a dip in my Picture Pond, were you'll find my J/C pictures. Looking for something to make your computer more interesting? Try Downloads, where you'll find games, The Klingon Klock, a Stardate Calculator, and a Klingon Dictionary, among other things. Think your J/C site is good enough for an award? Come apply for Celestia's Butterfly Award For an Outstanding J/C Website and find out! Or, if you're really bored, find out what makes me tick. Or maybe you'd like to chat.You might even find someone there...or perhaps you feel like entering The Hall of Shameless Self Promotion, where I store all the awards I've received.
Ready to leave? So soon? Not without doing this first! Or at least looking at it.
Now that's overwith, you can fly to other J/C sites, or take a look at my webrings.
Have a great stay!
Celestia, your hostess.

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Hey! I'd like to tell you all about a little project I'm invovled in. It's called The Purple Comet, and it's really cool. It's a monthly fanfic contest, and it's just opened for it's first month of submissions. The current category is: "Resolutions". So, go submit your stories! :-)


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