Our Vaccination Schedule

We give the following vaccines to our kittens:

  • Rabies, as age appropriate (see last paragraph)
  • "Distemper" (panleukopenia)
  • Rhino-tracheitis
  • Chlamydia
  • Calici virus
  • Antioch kittens are sold with a series of "kitten vaccinations" done before they leave our home. This means they have been vaccinated with high quality vaccine, at the appropriate ages, and are finished with the series. They will need their boosters given at the age of one year.

    We guarantee our kittens are negative for feline leukemia (FELV) and feline aids (FIV) if tested during the first seven days after purchase. However, we believe there are some problems encountered in the use of the vaccines for FELV and FIV, and we want our kitten owners to follow the recommendation of their own vets when deciding whether to use these two vaccines. Therefore they are not included in the vaccines we give to our kittens before sale.

    In a similar manner, there are difficult issues and problems that can be presented by the so-called "FIP Vaccine", or Primucell. Again, we prefer to allow your veterinarian determine what is best for your new pet regarding this vaccine, so we do not give it.

    I have known of several Turkish Angoras that developed vaccine associated sarcoma, a skin cancer that can result from adjuvented rabies or leukemia vaccines. When your kitten is sold with a rabies vaccination, we use a non-adjuvented vaccine, and our vets always place the rabies vaccination in the right hind leg, following the protocol for prevention of this cancer. We highly recommend that you use the same non-adjuvented vaccine, called PUREVAX, for all of your rabies vaccinations. Some veterinarians do not carry this vaccine because it is more expensive, but it is well worth seeking a vet who will make it available.

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