... Offers Retiring Show Cats
And Rescued Adults For Adoption!

POSITION WANTED: Former Turkish Angora show cats and various rescued cats seek warm laps, warm hearts, and warm hearths, for lazy retirement!!

Please Note: We do not "sell our cats and kittens on the internet". All sales are done by personal and telephone contact, and we are quite concerned that our kittens go to excellent homes where they will be loved and treated with the utmost respect as fellow living creatures. The internet is just an advertising medium to get the process started - these are my babies!

Last update: August 11, 2020

Below are a few photos of former show cats and rescues that are available for adoption. These cats are living underfoot (un-caged) with our family. If you do not find the cat you are looking for, we may have others that we have not had time to list, so please contact KIT to discuss adopting a retiring show cat!

Status Key:

  • Adoptable: Ready to go.
  • Available: Ready for reservation.
  • Reserved: Promised to someone.
  • On Hold: Not ready yet.

  • "Belle"

    Belle has been a mother for us, and is spayed. She is tolerant of small dogs and gets along with some cats, but tends to be an alpha cat. She may have trouble getting along with another alpha, and we prefer to find her a home where she is the only cat. She loves to play, and enjoys hugging your shoulder! Belle is not a good candidate for a home with younger children, as she will sometimes spontaneously jump up to get on your shoulder. She is a sweet and entertaining girl with adults. If you think you are interested in her, contact Kit privately about Belle, and we will assess whether she is the right kitty for you and your family.

    Reserved by Natalia

    Please also visit our Adoptable Adults, or contact Kit directly
    to hear about these wonderful furry friends!

    Photo copyrights by Kit Goodwin. Photos may not be used without written

    We are not currently offering rescue cats for adoption, but are still active in the rescue community.

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