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Quality, not quantity, is the emphasis of our breeding programs. We are not just looking for the next show cat. We want to produce wonderful pets, too. A cat that is lovely to look at, but does not have a wonderful personality, is just a waste of good looks, in our opinion. We not only wish to produce show winning cats, but more importantly, we want to produce "winning dispositions"!

Our kittens are raised in the home, never in cages. When they are younger, momcat and her kittens are confined to a bathroom or bedroom, to protect them from accidents and illness. From the first day they are born, we coddle our kittens as if they were our own newborn babies. Each kitten is picked up and held, tickled and talked to, several times a day. During kittenhood, our kittens are fed free choice of high quality foods. We do not feed boutique foods or brands that are extreme in price, but go by the recommendation of our veterinarian, and by studying the analysis and safety of the foods we choose. The high price of foods is not always the same as high quality and nutrition.

When the kittens reach eight weeks of age, they are given their respiratory vaccination. Four days later they are allowed to come out into the main parts of our house during the day. Each day after this introduction to the big, wide world, the kittens are allowed a little more time playing in the house with the adult cats until they can stay at large in the house. By 16 weeks of age, when they receive their third vaccination, the kittens are quite comfortable playing around the house, and shortly after they are ready to go to new homes.

As our kittens grow, we spend many hours playing interactive games with them, and take plenty of photos, just like proud parents of a new toddler.

Rosie and Kizzy, our small Spaniels, are carefully watched with the babies. Thus, our babies have had some limited experience with dogs. We also invite grandchildren, neices and nephews, or neighbor children to visit when possible.

The process of purchasing a kitten from us goes something like this...

We almost always have a kitten contact list, but this is not a "waiting list". I have found that by the time kittens are ready to go, most people on a "waiting list" have changed their mind, found a rescue kitten, or etc. I count on you to watch the website. When kittens are ready, they will be marked "available". The best way to ensure getting the kitten you want is to call me when you see they are available. If we return your call twice and leave a message without hearing back from you, we will move on to the next person who calls. In order for you to be a candidate for a kitten, we must speak by phone. Arrangements are never made by e-mail, as it is too impersonal.

Once a kitten is available, I will send you a contract, and hold that kitten for a reasonable amount of time, so that you can sign the contract and send it back with a deposit.

If it is possible for you to come to our home and meet our kittens, we encourage you to make an appointment to visit. We love to meet the people who will give a permanent loving home to our kittens. We also love receiving cards and letters, especially with photos, telling us what lovely adult cats our kittens have become!

If you are not able to visit, we can still arrange for you to receive a kitten. We will use photos, videos, and our own expertise to arrange a match between a potential new owner-family and a kitten that is available. Once this match is made, a sales contract will be sent. We wish to receive the printed and signed contract with a minimum deposit of 10% to hold the kitten until he or she is ready to ship.

Shipping arrangements will be discussed, and flights will be arranged with the pet desk of the airline chosen by us. We like to find non-stop flights, but often we must use flights that have one stop-over. For safety purposes, we try to avoid two stop-overs if at all possible, and this may alter the airport at which your kitten may arrive.

The entire balance of the kitten purchase price and the shipping costs, are due before the shipping is booked. This means you will be sending those monies to us prior to having the actual flight and arrival information. This is necessary because airlines tend to book only two days in advance for pet arrangements. Your sales contract will be returned to you with my signature, as a receipt.

Once your kitten arrives, your interaction with us is not ended yet. We will need a confirmation phone call, saying that your kitten arrived safely and in good condition. Over the first few weeks, we hope you will call us if there are any questions, or you need help of any kind. We are committed to making your kitten's adjustment to your home enjoyable, smooth and trouble free.

OUR MOTTO: "Winning Dispositions!"

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