Our Turkish Angora Award Winners: Satin's Page

What is the highest award a cat can win in CFA?

This is Champion Kedi Satin and Lace of Antioch, DM. She began her life in another cattery, where she was not recognised to be of good quality. She was used to make pet kittens to sell. However, Satin caught my eye. I saw quality, in both her pedigree, and in her appearance and temperament. In the winter of 1990, at the age of three, she came to live with me.

Satin went with me to her first adult show in January of 1990. Although she was three years old, and was frightened because she had not been in a show hall since kittenhood, she behaved herself like the little lady she always is, and came home with her championship.

Satin rested for awhile, and then I began to breed her. She produced some nice kittens when I sent her out for stud service, and eventually, at six years of age, Satin had produced three Grand Champions and two Grand Premiers.

Because she had produced the required number for a female, of five Grands, she won the highest award in CFA, the Distinguished Merit Award.

Here are photos of her awards.

After her last litter, Satin was spayed. She lived the rest of her life here with us as a pampered and loved pet, until she peacefully passed away at age 13.

Here are the qualifying offspring that won Satin her award. The awards they won are listed along with their names.

Left: Grand Premier Silverlock's Bunthorne, photo (copyright) by Carl Widmer. Right: Grand Premier Antioch's Iribas Tetari, photo (copyright) by Carl Widmer.

Left: Grand Champion Antioch's Tamerlane, photo (copyright) by Carl Widmer. "Tamerlane" was the father of a few of "Satin's" Grand-kittens.
Right: Grand Champion, Grand Premier Silverlock's Iolanthe of Silamos, R.W., photo (copyright) by Carl Widmer. "Andy" was CFA Gulf Shore Region's Third Best Cat in Premiership, and Gulf Shore Region's Best Turkish Angora. Many thanks are due Larry and Debbie Ritter for co-breeding, owning and showing her, with such wonderful results!

Grand Champion Antioch Oh Be Joyful! photo (copyright) by Richard Katris of Chanan. "Obie" was also the Second Best Turkish Angora in the Great Lakes Region (CFA) in 1991-92. He was our main stud cat for six years, and is the ancestor of many Turkish Angoras around the world.

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