Antioch Turkish Angoras

Our Gals!

Our girls are important in our breeding program because we tend to keep them whole longer than our males. The girls enjoy winning at the shows and then have free run of the house together with any kittens we are raising.

Tess is Nessie's daughter, and I can see Nessie occasionally when I look at her. She is not the diva, however, but has her own sweet, rather peaceful personality. And yes, she dotes on Steve's puppy, Hope, who was growing up in our house while Tess was losing her mother. Who says dogs and cats can't be friends? I hoped to show Tess, but she does not have a show cat personality. As an orphaned girl, perhaps a bit of her confidence was affected, poor baby. But we will see what her future holds as a mother.

Nilla has an exciting pedigree. Her pedigree combines a Turkish import line with a Bulgarian line. Nilla is shy, but sweet. She is best friends with Phoebe, a retired queen.

Lucy is a little butterfly. She flits, she floats, she comes for attention and then flies away again. She is an excellent mother, and her first litter was beautiful, smart, and personable. Lucy comes from Sue Howland of Bizans, and I am very happy with her! Thanks so much, Sue!

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