Living with the Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is a lively and fun pet. They are very affectionate, and depending on the individual personality of each cat, they will spend some time each day sitting with you... or perhaps *ON* you!

Antioch's Barcy, owned by (and photo copyright by), Albina Liederman, Ohio.


The Turkish Angora is an extremely intelligent cat, and they are very alert. They tend to have a sense of humor, and their owners will need this quality also.

Left: Grand Champion Antioch Oh Be Joyful! Right: Antioch Fuego y Hielo of
Ankara Keriz and "Beau", love to sit on our cabinets. - photos copyright by Kit Goodwin.


These cats are atheletic, and can jump or even walk, to high places. This is where you will often find them - at the top of the bookshelf, strolling along the mantlepiece, or perching on the top of an open door. People with valuable collectables and breakables placed around the house, should be willing to place these items under glass, in a display case. Otherwise, we recommend a different breed.

Grand Premier Antioch Martin Van Purrin (of Kitnhevn), watched by Antioch
Wizard of Id of Kitnhevn, both owned by (and photo copyright by), Tani Scott, Florida.


The typical "Turk" is an avid hunter. Moths, flies, and other intruders into the house will live a dangerous, and short, life. The cats may chase these prey anywhere in the house, with total concentration. Some Turks are "mechanically inclined" when it comes to simple cage latches. It is not a bad idea to think about the safety of the housing of the family hamster or canary, when getting one of these cats.

Some Turkish Angoras are "talkers", and some are not. This depends on the individual characteristics of each cat. They do not, however, have an "oriental" voice. Their voice is usually sweet - a typical "meow". There are some bloodlines that have a very high pitched voice, it's a "Beverly Sills" thing!

Champion Ozcats Queen Zixie of Antioch, photo (copyright) by Richard Katris, of Chanan Photography.

The Turkish Angora, like most cats, is a comfort seeker. They are usually very devoted to one owner, but are friendly with the entire family. They are good companions, and are not the wilting flower type, that hides under the couch all day. In fact, the Turkish Angora is likely to come and investigate what you are doing, and want to "help" or even "manage".

Champion Tameral Degel Ali Ahava ("Banner" in HIS Winnebago bunk), owned by
(and photo copyright by), Dr. Paul Schwalbe, Pennsylvania.

All in all, the Turkish Angora makes a fine friend!

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