GC Antioch Weep 4 The Rose

On the day that I finally chose a name for Rosie, I did indeed weep...
I wept for Diana, Princess of Wales. Take a moment to remember her.

Rosie is a very lovely calico. Here is a "baby photo" of Rose.

    Of course, all little kittens grow up to be young princesses!
    Here is Rosie, relaxing at home.

    Rosie became a Grand Champion, September, 1998, at the Columbus, OH, National Siamese Show. Due to my health problems at that time, she was not shown during the rest of the show season. As ever, she is a sweet little girl. I want to thank again, Sandi Douglass, of Teakatut Colorpoint Shorthairs, for co-owning and showing her. Thanks are also extended to Gail Moser, who is an excellent CFA Ring Clerk, and whose efforts helped both Sandi and I with expenses.

    Rose has mothered several litters for us, and is now spayed. She is one of my favorite cats, and always has something to say to us! Now that she is spayed, she continues to mother all the little kittens that start out in our house. She will gather them together and lie down with them, bathing them and allowing them to "comfort nurse".

    Rosie will live here in my home for a long time to come. Her daughter Rosanna now carries on her contribution to the Turkish Angora breed.

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    Last update: February 2, 2008