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GC Antioch's Rosanna of Tameral, OD is a wonderful mother. She is now the mother of five Grand Champion offspring. After the birth of her youngest daughter, Antioch Last-Rose-of-Summer, Rosanna was spayed. She now enjoys life in our home as a member of the family.

Rosanna's youngest daughter is Antioch Last-Rose-of-Summer. Summer became a Grand Champion at the TICA show held in Janesville, Wisconsin, on New Year's Eve 2006. She gave momma Rosanna a new title of her own - Outstanding Dam - a TICA award given to a female cat when she is the mother of five Grand Champions!

The highest winning of Rosanna's daughters is Supreme Grand Champion, Regional Winner, Antioch Evening Falls, International Breed Winner, an amber-eyed white girl. Evie just finished being shown, and a little show-off she is! Now she has joined our household as "one of the girls".

Quad Grand Champion Antioch China Roses is a smoke tortie girl. She was shown at the age of three, and even despite her maturity, gained her title. She is spayed now, and lived as a cherished pet in our home.

Triple Grand Champion Antioch Rose Petal is an amber-eyed white girl with a very sweet personality. She was spayed after her show career. She looks forward to relaxing in a new home where she can be the princess of her own castle, and is available for adoption!

Double Grand Champion Antioch Rose Bud is a majestic Odd-eyed white boy. He was my first TICA show cat, and we learned how to show in TICA together. Buddy was neutered after his show career, and became devoted to Marcie, his new owner. Buddy follows her around the house, managing everything she does.

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Last update: February 2, 2008