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GC Antioch Vincent Van Munchkin was a grand-son of Satin, and a son of Obie. Vinnie, a.k.a. "Monkey", was a very energetic little guy who took on life boldly and with tenacity.

Born with a breathing problem that was caused by birthing, Monkey had a tough start in life, but his bold personality carried him through. He was bottle raised, and when he reached five weeks old, he would toddle through the house to the kitchen to get his canned food/goat milk slurry from a plate. He was so small at this age that we feared he would never catch up.

. . . But Monkey would eat so much of the weaning formula that he would bulge like a softball with little legs! Then he would toddle back to the bathroom where his mother waited to clean him and care for him. Soon he began to grow by leaps and bounds. He went through a "gangly" stage when he was a few months old, but by the time he was a young adult, he was quite beautiful and had reached a normal adult size. His health problems behind him, Vinnie lived out a full life with no further difficulties.

"Monkey" was our first non-white grand champion, and CFA's first blue bicolor grand champion. The former bias that made whites easy to grand, and colors difficult to grand, lifted, as our judges saw more and more colors. They are indeed lovely.

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Last update: February 2, 2008