Antioch Turkish Angoras

Marty and Wiz!

All About Martin:

Another Turkish Angora fancier who obtained her first show cat from us is Tani Scott, of Ormond Beach, Florida, who owned Kitnhevn Cattery.

Tani's first show cat was Antioch Martin Van Purrin, or Marty. After his show career, Marty became GP, RW Antioch Martin Van Purrin of Kitnhevn! Marty looks very much like his father, GC Antioch Oh Be Joyful! and we are very proud of his success. He was the first Antioch cat to achieve a regional win!

Here is Marty riding to the show rings in his typical way, on Tani's shoulder!

All About Wizard:

Antioch Wizard of Id of Kitnhevn was Tani's first stud cat. He is a little clown, always playful and with a great sense of humor!

"Wiz" was a relaxed show cat, and demonstrates here, how "nervous" a show cat can be...

All About KitnHevn Rescue:

Tani also had many years' experience in rescue. She was a tireless rescuer of cats and kittens from the central Florida area around Daytona Beach. Here, she works with an orphan kitten - her special area of expertise. Tani inspired much of my own rescue efforts. She and I were friends for many years, and she is sadly missed.

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Last update: February 2, 2008