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My very first Grand was Grand Premier Antioch Lebiel Laban. His name means "White Lion of God". However, Leo as known to his friends as either "Leo" or "Ho-Ho" because of his happy toes. Nothing could upset him or make him cross!

Leo demonstrates how to drink from a glass!

At the time that we were showing Leo, the Turkish Angora had a reputation for being difficult to handle in the judging ring, due to certain cats that had not been happy campers at the shows. Leo served to dispell this impression of the breed, and I'll never forget CFA Judge Clark Jensen pulling Leo out of the show cage and putting him on the judging table while declaring, "Get out the whip and the chair - the Turkish Angora is here!" all the while grinning from ear to ear. Later, when Clark picked up Leo and held him on his back like a baby in Clark's arms, Leo reached up and gently cradled Clark's face in both paws and gave him a kiss.

Leo took part as best Turkish Angora in Premiership in the
"Best of the Best" presentation at the 1990 CFA Invitational Show.

My experiences showing Leo were quite happy ones, and I fell in love with showing cats because of him. I highly recommend that anyone who is considering becoming a cat breeder or exhibitor should show a premiership or alter class cat first to learn about the process. The bond that is formed with that first show cat will be an important part of the learning process!

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Last update: February 2, 2008