Challenging Years 2015 to 2020

This page is something of a blog entry, rather than a web page, but I get calls and emails from folks wanting to know what's up with Antioch these days. The answer is quite unusual in many ways.

From 2015 to 2020, Antioch Cattery has had to face several challenges that could cause any show cattery to close. In 2015, my mother needed to move in with us, and making room for her included turning two rooms that I use for my cats, into her space in the house. Mom loves animals, and got along well with them, but as her illness advanced, even this became a challenge. I reduced my showcat activities while working to maintain the cattery at a lower level, and I closed my rescue. These changes were necessary to deal with Mom's problems.

While Mom lived here, we had a felv scare. Salsa, our household pet show cat, escaped outdoors and engaged in a fight with a feral. Unfortunately, my mother did not tell me this had happened - she just let him back into the house. Later, when he seemed not quite himself, the story came out. He was tested for felv and found positive. This launched our cattery into a temporarily closed status, with strict quarantine and testing that took over six months to complete. At our six month recheck, we passed with flying colors - all our cats were negative for the fourth time. Losing Salsa was a hard loss. He was full of life and full of himself, and is sadly missed. We are now three years past this event, with no further problems.

We lost our best show cat - RW, SGC Antioch It Ain't Necessarily So! - to a rare and sudden cancer. One of the things that eased my sense of loss was the fact that she left behind two wonderful kittens - Tess and August. (Their handsome brother, Archie, went to a great pet home, but he was also show quality.)

I managed to find nursing coverage for Mom so that Tess and August could attend a show, where August became a Champion.

When Mom left us in November, 2019, our deep sense of loss was soon interrupted by the COVID-19 situation. Mom did not have to go through the exile that this would have brought to her life. Now, because of Coronavirus, there are only virtual shows, and by the time shows open again, I doubt that I will want to show August and Tess, because of their age and reproductive status.

Of course "time will tell" how this shapes up. I miss my showhall friends, after five long years of attending very few shows. One problem after the other has really cramped my style and reduced time with friends. But this too shall pass eventually. Sigh!

See you around then!

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