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Amy came from Azima cattery, having been left behind when Barbara Azan passed away. She was 6 months old when she came here. Her full name is Azima Purrfect Wonder, but I have always called her Amy. She is a silver classic torbie - a rare coat pattern in Turkish Angoras.

Left: Just before Barbara left us, Animal Planet visited her house, and filmed her cats for the Cats 101: Turkish Angora episode, and cute little Amy is one of the stars! Right: Amy was a smart little girl, and asserted herself in creative ways, such as this photo of her trying to alert me that the water dish was empty!

Amy was a great little show cat, and earned her Quad Grand Championship, then came home to be a momcat. She is the mother of Phoebe, and both Amy and Phoebe are favorites of mine. They have a sunny attitude towards life, and are very dear companions. Several years after she was spayed, Amy developed a lump, and she had surgery to remove a sarcoma of the breast. During this time, I was caring for my mother, and Amy became Mom's special friend. A year later, Amy's lump was back, and this time, a carcinoma was removed. Still, for over a year after her second surgery, Amy continued to thrive. Mom passed in November 2019, and in the following summer, Amy's illness began to make her uncomfortable. We let her go through the smaller gate in August, 2020. I swear she has gone back to Mom's lap.

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Last update: August 12, 2020