All Files on this page are zipped to speed up download time, and require an unzipping utility such as Winzip, which you can download here-

Sound downloads -Cows Mooing, .wav format 49.5kb -A Cow mooing, .wav format 15.5kb

cow22.zipA Different Cow Mooing .au format 25.3kb

cow4.zipBuncho Cows Mooing .wav format 45.1 kb"We'll keep playing the music until the cows come home" .wav format 199 kb"Moo Moo ok guys lets eat" .au format 38 kb

moo.zipMoo's .au format 33.5 kb

moo1.zipCow saying Moo .wav format 14.5 kb

rantcow.zipSomething about Cows and mushrooms .au format 602kb

spcows.zipSouth Park clip .wav format 23 kb

spcows1.zipAnother South Park clip .wav format 54.8 kb

sphypno.zipHey, look, another south Park clip MP3 format 225 kb

sphypno1.zipAnd another South Park clip .wav format 146 kb

Cow Games!

ttt.zipFun Cow Game 1mb(what cow games aren't?)

apoccow.zipA very fun two player game, where you shoot cows at eachother 1mb

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