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Note: I did not write this, I would give credit to the person who did.. but I forgot who I took it from haha.. It may make you think twice before drinking that extra glass of milk... ok maybe not just read it. COWS' MILK - - A TOXIC DRINK ? In a word - YES ! It is ! Cow milk today is such a chemical, toxic concoction, that it is killing the baby calves that nurse from their mothers ! Plus it is shortening the lives of the cows themselves ! But that's a secret - YOU are not suppose to know about that ! Why ? Because government makes big bucks on all the harmful things we have today, including the dairy industry ! How ? First of all, cows' milk is loaded with more than 144 chemicals that are pumped into the cow; antibiotics, growth hormones, drugs, pesticides of all kinds, and fattening chemicals to fatten up the beef cows. Yes - YOU are ingesting all those chemicals too, if you drink the milk or eat the meat; and these poisons stay in your cells and tissues forever ! Calcium ? Forget it ! You get little, if any, calcium from processed cow milk you buy at the store, and the vitamin D that they artificially add, is long gone by the time you pour your first glass ! Now, you ask, why is this ? First of all, cows' milk does NOT come from the cow already homogenized, as does goat milk. Nature homogenizes goat milk, but not cows milk, for Nature never intended for humans to drink cow milk in the first place. So it is artificially homogenized. This process kills your chances of getting any calcium, and what little is left, is no longer absorbable by your body. Then it goes through the pasteurization process that kills ALL the enzymes (we need those) and bacteria, including the good bacteria we need. It also removes any vitamins the milk may have, yet does not destroy any of the harmful chemicals in the milk that was injected and ingested into the cow. So all the good stuff, at this point, is dead. Then they artificially put Vitamin D in it so they can advertise 'fortified with Vit. D' -- yet 10 minutes exposed to any light, such as on the grocer shelf, this artificial vitamin D is also gone ! So now all you are left with is a watered down, pasty-tasting, chemical drink, that in no way, shape or form, has any nutrition in it - just chemicals. And you feed this to your child ? [ There are healthy alternatives in other forms of milk, such as: rice milk, soy milk, goat milk, and almond milk, for example, plus others]. Cows' milk has never, in human history, been consumed by humans up until about 150 years ago - and only in the United States ! Yes, you read it right - only the United States drinks cows' milk ! Only the gullible people of the U.S. are dumb enough to drink it because they so believe in their "honest government agencies, like the FDA." They believe these agencies are "looking out for their health and welfare' - Ha Ha. Guess what ? The jokes on you ! Because all they really care about is how fat their wallets get and how they can control you ! If the government controls the health of the people -- then they control the people !!! It's that simple ! The government and drug companies make big money on all those chemicals and drugs and antibiotics ! And they make big money on you when you get sick too ! It's like Cancer -- No cure will be allowed to be known, unless the full control of it all is in the hands of the government and their drug companies ! They stand to lose a lot of money on any cure that's found on any disease. Cancer, and other diseases, are big money business - a cure would stop all that big money flow ! (The gov't even gets a share of donations to organize- tions, that you are never told about !). In fact, the government burned out Rife's laboratory when he discovered the CURE for Cancer in 1934 ! So don't look for any CURES for things like Cancer or Aids that will make the government and the drug companies lose money, any time soon, if at all. YOUR life is not important to them, their wallets are ! Baby formulas based on cows' milk are not the safest or preferred formulas for babies. Soy formulas should be the choice, if mother's milk cannot be obtained, and keep the baby on formula/breast milk for as long as possible, up to 3 years old, if you can. Why ? Because the first 3 years of a child's life are the most important years for mental and physical health. These are the years that are the backbone of that child's life and how strong and healthy they will be as adults. At least the baby is getting some minerals, and vitamins. Without minerals in your body, vitamins and other nutrients cannot be used by the body, and are wasted. Your body begins on the road to malnutrition. Once a baby is 'weaned' - they will never get these very much needed minerals again in their lifetime ! [Unless they have parents who eat the natural way and wean them on an all natural diet]. Remember, minerals are needed for vitamins to be absorbed and used by the body. NEVER change a baby over to cows' milk - choose goat milk, soy milk, almond milk or rice milk instead. Another important word about formulas; here in the U.S., the formula manufacturers do NOT add DHA in their formulas. Again, this is the ONLY country that does not. It's a substance naturally found in mother's milk, and DHA is NEEDED for the young developing mind to grow to its full potential. All other countries add this to their baby formulas, but not in the U.S. -- thanks to our ever-lovin' FDA !!! Yet they will approve of all the many poisons in cows milk and in all other processed foods ! The UNnecessary food colorings and dyes are all okayed by the FDA -- and THEY ALL CAUSE CANCER !!!! We here in the U.S. are all geared (trained) towards letting the government decide for us what we should put into our bodies and what our babies will ingest and be injected with. It's like we, as individuals, have no brain to think for ourselves anymore. As a result, we are all geared towards getting Cancer and heart disease from the moment we are born. Then to make sure that we are weakened enough to become 'another lab rat' and big money maker for our government and its organizations, they begin to destroy the immune system one hour after birth by beginning the vaccinations !!! They assault a newborn immune system with the Hepatitis shots !! [And young trusting and naive parents are trusting their innocent babies lives to the government and don't even know it ! These young parents have been gov't trained from their birth and don't know any better !]. You can bet we will have 90% asthma in all these innocent babies from this deadly practice, as they grow up ! Asthma is already at epidemic proportions today, and this recent government (via the hospitals) practice of giving babies vaccinations and this hepatitis shot at birth and all through the first 2 years of life, will ensure that asthma will be beyond epidemic. But then, we are their lab rats for testing this stuff, and so are the innocent babies that parents are unwittingly handing over for these experiments, without questioning or investigating any of it. They just take the 'word' of the authorities ! Big mistake ! The cows' milk problems cannot be blamed on the farmer, per se. For they are mostly victims also in this government control thing. Many are forced into using things on their farm animals or on their crops that they personally do not approve of. Many are not given a choice; so we cannot blame the farmer, for the most part, for the unhealthy conditions we now find our Country in with our food products. Drinking cows' milk is the fastest way to get Cancer and Diabetes. Both of these diseases are directly linked to the consumption of cows' milk !! So, if you want to get Cancer and / or sugar Diabetes - just run right down to your grocer and get some cows' milk folks !!!!

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