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Carriage Kiss

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Carola sent me this wonderful story about our couple spending some time alone together!

A Time Of Their Own

Rated PG

Carola also sent another story, which tells all about Colleen and Andrew's wedding day...and night!

A Day To Remember

Rated PG-13

Claire sent two stories about Colleen and Andrew. The first one is a lengthy, but definitely worth the time, chronicle of the events leading to Colleen and Andrew's wedding!

Endings And Beginnings

The next one is the episode Seeds Of Doubt, as seen through Colleen and Andrew's perspective!

Seeds Of Doubt...Flowers Of Promise

Janine sent a story about one night in the life of Colleen and Andrew, about two weeks into their marriage!

The Best Night

Rated PG

Another story by Janine tells how Colleen and Andrew's wedding might have turned out with an unwanted guest!

A New Life

I simply couldn't let a page of Colleen and Andrew stories go by without including Mandy's story...the final episode, told through the perspective of Colleen and Andrew!

A New Beginning

And here's another story by Mandy, a tale of what Colleen and Andrew were doing while Mike and Sully were off on their adventure in the woods!

To Have And To Hold

Doctors Colleen and Andrew Cook are off to a wonderful start as they return to Colorado Springs, until Ethan Cooper tries to spoil it for them! Read Elizabeth's exciting story here!

All Of Life's Rewards And Unexpected Surprises

Here's a great story by Jenna and Adair! After Colleen graduates from medical school, she and Andrew return to Colorado Spring in:

Starting Anew

For more from Jenna, Visit her world of DQ fanfiction!

The Cooks come home from Philadelphia with some wonderful news. But when Michaela and Colleen get sick everyone's lives change dramatically. Read this great story by Beth!

Heartache and Healing

When Colleen and Andrew return to Colorado Springs for a visit, they are joined by a guest from Colleen's past! Read this exciting story by Daisy!

House Guest

Colleen and Andrew are home to stay in Colorado Springs, but someone makes Colleen an offer she can't refuse...or can she? Find out in Rachel's wonderful story!

Crossing A New Bridge

Here's an alternative version of what finally brought Colleen and Andrew this fine fanfic by *TT*!

A Colleen and Andrew Story

And now, the long-awaited DQMW Running Story!
Two years in the making, I've moved it from its original location...
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to our home on the web,which is probably a better fit!
To find out more about this grand experiment...
Picture The Running Story

This story follows Colleen and Andrew as Colleen prepares for her graduation from medical school! Daphne's story!

Winding Paths

More To Come

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