words about albums and other sound recordings

This is my favorite: "Denny Lile". Far more curious is this page, detailing the album's modern incarnation.  The fine line between deservedly obscure and "I'm justa victim of circumstance!" is danced upon yet again...

Vinyl Reckoning. His longest piece to wind words through the Gordian Knot of llfe and albums. And everything before/after.

Not the shortest of Metlzer's reviews, but it's a fun-filled chunka change inside this Loathsome Rockwrite Shuck, about the Bugs and RM's contribution to their liner notes, c. 2007.

For a long while, he wrote for the Seattle Weekly, reviewing music, talking about bands rolling their caravans into town. The umbrella title was Rhymes with Seltzer.


One of the earliest of is works, from Crawdaddy! oringally, is My Sgt. Pepper Trip.

An account of a well known Buffalo NY Rock symposium hoedown.

Third Spud from the Sun is Meltzer's take on the Cameron Crowe version of rock writing history, so it fits in this category.

Richard used to know Patti Smith. He wrote about Radio Ethiopia for Creem in '77.

10 Random Discs.

In conjunction with the August 2000 interview at Perfect Sound Forever, Jason Gross added the following A/B sides to the linernotes of the interview, so to speak:
            As I Lay Dead (also in A Whore Like the Rest)
           His favorite music, c. 2000 AD, too.

In addition to Denny Lile above, ubuweb.com is the happy home for Meltzer's review of Barbara Mauritz's Music Box and another wonderful word-as-art piece with a name for some future Dick Clark Caravan of Stars mutation. Ladies and Gentlemen, Maple Leaf Cow Poop Roundup.


Bobo Olsen's Century

Poker is kinda like boxing, right?  His contribution to the anthology A Friendly Game of Poker: 52 Takes on a Neighborhood Game is HERE.


Kaprow 101  is  about Alan Kaprow's influence on RM's writerly path. Read it now!!! OR LATER. Later always is an option, right?

He's done a lot about the Beat Generation, and that qualifies him to review The Beats: A Graphic History by Harvey Pekar


Most men and women know Meltzer, if they don't know of his rockwrite, because of his long and winding affiliation with 1970s rock'n'roil conundrum, Blue Oyster Cult.   I rescued his article-long synopsis of  BOC and how it 'what it means' is this piece, The Front of the Book

I like the names too much to spoil the content. So here they are. I strongly suggest, should you like 'em, find  and buy a few of 'em in Autumn Rhythm

Dizzy Archaeology, Dangerous Love

Autumn Rhythm

The Wisdom in Our Underwear

LA's Burning

Just a Girl I Used to Know

Mommy and Me;My Mother is 86 years old and her memory is going. Now, finally, we can talk.