1995. One of the first attempts to be on the ground floor of this whole "Hey! We can do cool things on the internet!"-thing was Addicted to Noise. Heck, it was perhaps the first online rock/music magazine.  AtN, as it was known, had columnists up the wazoo, and it's staff interviewed wave-cresting Guided By Voices, Sleater-Kinney... you name it.  

Meltzer was one of those up the wazoo, so to speak.  His column, Me and the Night and the Music appeared fairly regularly during the first 2 to 3 years of its life. I read it, a lot, because t'was round that time my use of Blue Oyster Cult as a paradigm of how rock'n'roll had, and should, operate had been at its peak, and it got me into purchasing Aesthetics of Rock, and the rest is obvious.


The List

His first ish was 1.03, but I can't find it yet :( I think it's the one in AWOL called "Arnold, O.J., and the Brain from Planet Arous".

Issue 1.05: Twin spin!!  Another Superficial Piece About 176 Beatnik Books

The column for (1.)'05: Ten Random Discs

Issue 1.06: The conclusion of the feature, Another Superficial Piece About 176 Beatniks Books, Part 2

Issue 1.07: Real Time, Real Demons: Bouncing with Bud '64

Issue 1.08: Lies and Laughter  - A tale of his L A radio show.

Issue 1.09: Classical Okay?  - RM and his shift from RnR to C. His big peice, which is now in Autumn Rhythm, is Charles Bukowski: An Appreciation

Issue 1.10: Music for a Life Down the Drain "Everything is death. Everything is dumb. Not enough is numb. Did he say done?"

Issue 1.11: Classical Dreams  "They are not yet completely submerged."

Issue 1.12:  A Mexican Beer Christmas With The Meltzer Clan  ...And to all a good night.

--- and that was 1995.

Issue 2.01:  A Soundtrack for Reading My Novel ... the novel being The Night (Alone) (a novel).

Issue 2.02: F**k My Childhood - Home to such observations as "Childhood as magic? No. Childhood is belief in magic. A bigger diff than the diff between 4,000 tulips and a pack of Luckies. "

Issue 2.03: Richard Strass (Ho Hum)

Issue 2.04: Two Guys Sitting Around Talking Opera and Stuff

Issue 2.05: Nick and Dick Talk About Dean (That's Tosches, Meltzer and Martin)

Issue 2.06: Anything They Could Do, Grossman Did Better

Issue 2.07: Numbers Never Lie!

Issue 2.08: Baseball, Unplugge

Issue 3.05 Six Previews of San Diego Concerts, Long Gone  (home to one of my favorite summations of the craft: "I'm in a FOUL mood today. Stay outa my way or I'll CRITIQUE YOUR ASS to hell. Just ME, just YOU...a decent song. You wanna see THEM, see THEM."



The following at the ones I've yet to suss out of's labyrinth:

  • LULU, LOLA, and LALO
  • Arnold, O.J., and the Brain from Planet Arous, Parts One n' Two.
  • If I Had a Pistol
  • All the Tired Geezers in the Sun, Parts 1 and 2
  • Ten John Cage Reviews
  • City's on Flame with Rock and Roll: A San Diego Progress Report