Time-based order here. It seems to rule us all. 


Futuretense Books hosts this interview, likely performed around the time of his book, Holes. But with a name like Futuretense Books, it's gotta be beyond time.


Bob Sipchen's fiesty  "L.A. Basher Richard Meltzer: A Little Talk on the Wild Side" is an interview near LA is the Capital of Kanasas-time.  As much as it's confrontational, Bob makes the effort to mention most all that RM has done/is doing up to interview-time.


RIchard sat down for one of his largest interviews (on par with the Perfect Sound Forever and rockcritics' site one-on-ones) for Additcted to Noise, a.k.a., Why Richard Meltzer (Now) Hates Rock N Roll conducted by Billy Altman.

2000 AD

 'Twas a busy year for press, thanks to A Whore Just Like the Rest's release on Da Capo.  Two of my faves on this page are from this year.  First is from Perfect Sound Forever: Interview by Jason Gross (August 2000). Second (by a nose?) is Kicks just keep getting harder to find by Scott Woods.

Here's another, equally nifty: Meltzer and Handsome Dick Manitoba of the Dictators and Exotic Magazine. 'Nuff Said. Though it's 2003, it's more Meltzer and The 360 Degree Manitoba.

On the back stretch, LA Weekly's interview is called Not Unless You're Nuts. OK, then. 

A while ago, I rescued this conversation between RM and Emmett Walsh from a doomed internet fate. His piece is called A Party! A Fishing Party! is here.

When Off Records released Tropic of Nipples, the Meltzer, Smegma, Antler, Pollard mega-EP, I sent the label's head honcho an email of questions regarding this astounding collaboration.  His answers are here, in Off Records, on the Record. Ha!

2002: Electric Boogaloo

12gague.com hosts this equally fine piece in which Chris J. Robinson talk to RM. I particularly like the wording of this question: Did you feel a measure of satisfaction with the publication of Whore?  WORDPLAY. Gotta love it, here: The Not Entirely Unbearable Writings of Richard Meltzer

2007 Ain't Heaven

Ever wonder about Jackson Browne?  Semi-known facts about him divulged in this "Tell All':

Why Jackson Browne Hates Former Reader Contrib Richard Meltzer

2012 Speils (probably spelt wrong)

Interviewed 'round the time of Speilgusher for the San Diego Reader : http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2012/jun/06/musician-interview-richard-meltzer/


2013 Tastes

A Seasoned Taste, which I like, article-wise.