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Spielgusher - from the Mike Watt's Hootpage. Coming in 2012 to ears near you:
"mastered the spielgusher album at golden mastering w/old buddy john golden today - man, is he a great cat w/just the best ears and a great sense of what music is. I've been working w/him since the early 80s. spielgusher is what happened when richard meltzer gave me forty-eight spoken word pieces he recorded in portland, or and then mr shimmy, ms yuko and myself spent three days in tokyo coming up w/sixtythree pieces of music to go w/it. it will be clenched004 [on Clenchedwrench, Watt's label - J.]."


See more here: Spielgusher=Richard Meltzer, Mike Watt + Cornelius Members

My two cents on why this site is here

This collection of pages, links really, houses everything I've found (so far) written by Richard Meltzer.   It was needed, if only because no one else had done it, 'cept for the previous version of this page.

It's split into info. on his books (TOMES), poetry (POEMS), pieces about lotsa stuff (PROSE), lyrics (SINGABLES), some nigh forgotten Addicted to Noise columns (ATN), interviews with the man (CHITCHAT), and assorted riffs on R. Meltzer and his output (So They Say...). 

I don't know him personally. However, when I was gripped by the white hot fever of webmania (and full o' coffee)  and assembling the original Frankenstein that is now this site,  I did say hihowareya to him. Simply put: I think/feel/gut-instinctively-get-the-sense that he writes more humanly about whatever he's writing about  - poker, getting old, rock and roll, jazz, poetry - than a pen ordinarily endures.  And that's pretty darn amazing, don't you think?

PS: Despite the summations provided by every John/Jane Q Summarizer, HE AIN'T GONZO!! Gonzo's a muppet and an ad catchphrase.  Enjoy! 

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