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It is presently 1:10Pm on 8/18/07 and I'm listening to a live press conference that Garth is holding in Nashville. Garth initially took the stage at 12:45Pm EST and immediately hugged Hazel Smith who later said she is free of cancer! Garth announced that as promised to Wal- Mart, he will be releasing a new package called "The Ultimate Hits", which will included 33 songs with a bonus song totalling 34 in all over 2 CD's. It will also include a DVD of 33 videos. One of the songs is called "More Than a Memory". The new single will be given to radio on 8/27. He also said that there will be no tour :( .....but through February there will be appearances to promote the new package. :D (YAY!!!!!!)

This new package will be distributed throughout retail, including Wal-Mart and will sum up his commitment to them. There still is a Wal-Mart appreciation concert in the works. Before the conclusion of the press conference, he showed the 2 covers for the new package, one of which is traditional with him looking over his shoulder (looking back) and the limited one which has him squatting looking in the direction of the title "The Ultimate Hits".

Do I sense some New York trips in the making??????

This is one of the last Fan sites still standing. Why? Because HE AIN'T DONE YET!!! This one man and his music has touched so many lives and brought so many people together, that this fan isn't goin' down. Over the years, he has tirelessly shown his appreciation for the fans wherever he goes. I once mentioned to his Brother, Kelly on a New York street how amazed I was at how he stepped out of that limo and just started signing autographs and taking photos with people. Kelly's response was he'd do it all day if he could! At his last appearance on GMA on 11/16/01, there were 7 of us fans who couldn't get into the audience because it was full. Garth made a point of having Karen, his publicist, speak to the audience coordinator about making room for us. Not only did they make room for us but they put us on the side of the stage where in between commercials, etc. Garth and Stillwater hung out. How cool is that!!?? Garth recently said in an interview with regard to his retirement, he's finding out from other parents that when your kids are in college is when they really need you and if he comes out of retirement in 10 years and there's a place for them, they'll strap it on. IF there's a place? This from the man who brought so many people in to country music!!!

Garth walks away with 3 awards at the AMA's that were broadcast on 1/17/00!(1999's Favorite Country Male Artist, Favorite Country Album[Double Live] and Artist of the Decade Again)CONGRATULATIONS GARTH!!! Garth also won the People's Choice Award for 2000's "Favorite Male Musical Performer", that was broadcast on 1/7/01. Garth is the top selling solo artist in history. Over 100 million albums sold...UNBELIEVABLE and the memories are ...INCREDIBLE!!!! I have met so many WONDERFUL people through still feels like a dream! On 10/26/00 Garth announced his retirement, vowing not to tour again until his youngest daughter is in college, if then. So why do I keep this site up? It's is my way on honoring the music that has literally changed my life. No, I won't paste an article about Garth having made an appearance here or there that you can read about in various locations throughout the net, like his recent attendance at a benefit in Texas to raise money for an MRI machine at a hospital. But while a good deal of information on this site was gained from public records, it also holds many personal experiences for me and that was my main intention when this site was constructed. I've had the pleasure of meeting Garth a number of times, as well as other fans. You can check it out by clicking on the button at the bottom that's marked Garthmoments!

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"In honor of Joseph Farrelly (NYFD)...our faith remains strong"
Gone but never forgotten


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The Garth Brooks Story by Jo Sgammato.This is the newest and in my opinion, best book written about Garth thusfar and it is a must-have for any Garth fan. The book can be found by clicking on the graphic above then by entering "Garth Brooks" in the search engine. The author eloquently chonicles Garth's life from his birth on 2/7/62 through the present plans for "The Lamb" and "The Colors of Christmas". And, by the way, she's also a huge fan of Garth's.

This is Ms. Sgammato's updated paperback version, which includes even more material on Chris Gaines!

You'll also find these books about Garth there, just to name a few:

The Garth Brooks Scrapbook~~Lee Randall

Garth Brooks: Chart Bustin' Country(Achiever's Biographies)~~Paul M. Howey

Garth Brooks: Platinum Cowboy~~Ed Morris

Garth Brooks: The Road Out of Santa Fe'~~Matt O'Meilia

The Best of Garth Brooks~~Garth Brooks

The Best of Garth Brooks: Guitar/Tab/Vocal~~Cpp Belwin Staff

Dreamin' Out Loud: Garth Brooks, Wynonna Judd, Wade Hayes, and The Changing Face of Nashville~~Bruce S. Feiler

The Nashville Family Album: A Country Music Scrapbook~~Alan L. Mayor, et al

Garth Brooks: No Fences~~Carol Cuellar

Ripples~~Jenny Smedley(Do you believe in reincarnation? :))

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Want to apply for a Touch 'Em All Credit Card with Garth's signature and photo on it? Call 800-771-7719....Or, just click on the card and you can learn more about the Foundation. A percentage of the proceeds from purchases made with the card go to the Touch 'Em all Charity Foundation for children.

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Colleen Carroll Brooks
"She gave the world a wonderful son, husband and father and we will take good care of him."(photo copyright Teresa Morris 3/14/96)

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***News of Note*** According to Country Weekly(Sept. 26, 2005 issue), Garth is slated to released a box set of CD's consisting of unreleased material in November, to be available through Wal-Mart, Sam's Club and!

Is this amazing or what!!

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Garth performed at the 80th Opry birthday bash. It was his first time performing there in 5 years. He's also released a new boxed set (The Lost Sessions) that includes unreleased material exclusively through WalMart on November 23, 2005 and he performed at the CMA's in NY on November 15, 2005 to honor Chris Ledoux. God Bless Chris Ledoux! Garth has always said that he fashioned his live shows after Chris' and Chris' show ROCKED!!

October 2006: The official Garth Brooks website went up and again, exclusively through WalMart a 5 DVD set will be released on November 1, 2006.

Life has been the banner!