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COUNTRY ROCKS!! a gallery

If it's real it MUST be country!! Yes, BlackHawk is still out there touring!!! Ty England has released a new album titled "Alive and Well"!!!

This site is dedicated to.... the music I've come to LOVE. You might even say it's a documentary of sorts of my journey through this genre. No, I haven't taken down my Garth site. Just click on the banner at the bottom. Afterall Garth was the catalyst for my journey through country music and I will always be grateful for that. Did I mention that my journey began in '96 and in 1999 my wildest dream came true when I first met the phenomenon known as Troyal Garth Brooks?? I have had the pleasure of seeing so many artists perform and meeting them that I've had to sub-divide the space, so I hope you'll enjoy what you see here. Each banner below will take you to various areas of the site or to my first attempt on Geocities with the exception of the last three banners. As more is added, please click "Refresh" or "Reload" on your browser. Not every artist was extremely warm but none of them were rude either. They are merely human but I will say that in no other genre of music will you find the connection with the fans. And if a picture truly is worth a thousand words, click the "Country Because" banner and it sums it all up. Besides getting to meet a lot of these artists, some actually know my name and have contacted me or sent me something unexpected. I must have made an impression in a good way and that is SOOO cool!

(Please e-mail me with comments, suggestions or complaints AND feel free to sign my guestbook.) The photos on this site have been taken by me or others...70.9MB of photos and more to come! I hope you enjoy your visit and will stop back often!!

Site created May 1999(Updated 8/8/10)

It's been one helluva ride!

The most talented group out there! (My tribute)

My Tribute to the Man

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This is a really cool project coming to the riverfront area I grew up in!!!
(rendering courtesy of The Wiser Agency)

A walk in the park and a bird in flight!