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The Voltron Force has been through even more changes than this webpage.  Fortunately, these fics have not...or maybe that's not so fortunate.  These were some of the first fics that I ever wrote, the perpetually unfinished 'An Old New Love' in particular.  The Princess and the Captain have been many a writer's favorite couple and I am happy to count myself among their numbers.  But I have to confess...Lance is the one I would most likely take home.
Here you will also find a project that I tackled not too long ago: Black Arus, an alternate version of the Voltron story and its sequel. Out of all my stories, this series is my favorite.  
Read on.

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A story about a love that can last for more than a lifetime
Set in the world of Voltron: The Third Dimension, Keith and Allura are stranded on a planet with only their Lions and each other for company
Keith and a special lady spend some quiet time together
Starring the entire Voltron Force, the boys have finally found an enemy they cannot conquer
Keith bids farewell to an old friend
A moonlight interlude for the Princess and her Captain
Barriers abound for Keith and his Princess in this still unfinished fic.
Not all fairy tales end happily and the Voltron Force learn this with the death of one of their own
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