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My Girl

I never imagined that my life would turn out the way it did. Mea poor orphan who did good, an original rags-to-riches story--literally. I was in rags at one point. Now I can't step out of my own home without some sort of finery despite the teasing I receive about being a pretty boy. I put up a front about not enjoying the attention, but I do. For I grew up without a mother or a father, alone and needing the love and attention that I got now. All I knew then was that I had to succeed as my parents had.

So I did.

I pursued my interests relentlessly and single-mindedly. I graduated at the top of my class, known for being a "stick-in-the -mud", but I had earned the respect of my peers. They saw me as an honorable and trustworthy man and I gained many friends. It came as no surprise to anyone when I was assigned to one of the prestigious Voltron Forces, the one on the Planet Arus. My accomplishments at the Academy hinted at what I could become, but what happened next was not an option that I had considered. Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed at what my destiny would be or the happiness that I had discovered during one of the most important mission of my life.

Never would I have imagined meeting and falling in love with a Princess.

Now, here I am. Holding one of the most beautiful females in the universe in my arms. Her perfect face was turned up to me in absolute trust, knowing that I would never hurt her, and I knew that I never would. Not if I could help it. I would rather submit myself to an eternity of Lance's jibes than hurt her. Her eyes were closed, hiding the sky-blue eyes that I loved staring into for hours. Her soft, white hands fluttered against my chest as she leaned against me. I tightened my arms around her, not wanting to ever let her go. She was my life. I felt my heart contract with complete happiness as her eyes opened suddenly and she stared up at me, only to flutter shut a moment later, in sleep again. I smiled, joy erupting from the deepest part within me. She had taken over my heart and ever since she came into my life, I have known nothing but happiness.

I remember the day that she became mine, the first day I laid eyes on her. She did not seem aware of me yet, not even of the world around her. She fixed her breathtaking eyes on me and I was hooked. I knew then that I would never be the same man again. As she was mine, I was hers.

"Keith?" said a soft voice behind me.

I turned my head to face my Princess, the keeper of half of my heart. Allura's exhaustion was apparent even in the moonlight, but there was a peacefulness about her that made her glow. She smiled at me, stepping into the room. Her long blonde hair flowed down her back like a golden cape. She kissed my forehead, her warm touch refreshing to my soul.

"I told you to just wake me up when she cried," she chided.

"I wanted to give you a break. I don't mind at all. Nothing makes me happier than holding Kyra--other than holding you, of course," I replied.

She smiled her gentle smile, warming my heart. "Of course."

She put a hand on our daughter's head. Already, dark fuzz was growing. Doctor Gorma had told us that she would have Allura's blue eyes and my dark hair. It was a combination of our best features.

"She's so precious," my wife whispered.

"Just like her mother."

She kissed me and held us both in her arms, resting her cheek on my shoulder. I could see her eyes begin to tear, and I would be lying if I said that mine did not. If there was one moment in time that I would want frozen forever it would have been that moment. One thing I had always wished for when I was a kid was to be surrounded by family. And here I was with my heart's desire. With my daughter and my one true love. There was nothing more I could ask for.


The End

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