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Arus lies in ruins.
Its Princess is a rebel, its people living hundreds of miles underground in order to protect them from the enemy that destroyed their lands, and hope is nothing but a distant memory.  The Castle of Lions is no more and the name Voltron is lost to the ages.  By a simple twist of fate, five soldiers, scarred by war, arrive on the ravaged planet and their destines become entwined with Arus and its Princess.  

Here is their story. 11.16.04: Revisions in progress
Black Arus 2
I.        A New Legend Begins (9)
II.       First Victory (9)
    The Garden
III.      Man Down (11) 
     A Word Between Friends
IV.      Flying The Blue (9)
V.       Lost And Found (8)
     Just Another Princess
VI.      Family (9)
     A Conversation
     Romelle To the Rescue (2)
VII.     A Political Storm (10)
      Planet Doom (2)
VIII.    No Place Like Home (10)
IX.      Showdown (13)
X.       Demons (11)
XI.      Aftermath (9)
      His Mother's Son (2)
XII.     Affairs of the Heart (7)
XIII.    Prelude (9)
      Truths (3)
XIV.    On The Edge of Chaos (9)
XV.     The Piper's Call (13)
XIV.    The End of the Beginning
    Profiles of the Officers
    Profiles of the Arusians
Copyright 1996-2004 Rayne. All rights reserved.  "From the North Shore Lake Superior" by Harris.

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voltron: black arus
*my everlasting gratitude to rosemary and debbie for editing black arus and for holding my hand through it all.  i'll never forget*